Sampling Sublime Wine, Meat And More At Mountauk By Ushuaïa Ibiza

Posted on June 30, 2019

Words: Kane Allen

Images: La Skimal

With melt-in-your-mouth meat paired with some of the best wine you’ll find, and, of course, expertly crafted cocktails for that special occasion: Montauk Steakhouse at the Ushuaïa Ibiza tower is a dream evening out on the White Isle for any carnivore out there. Set in 5-star luxury, this Playa d’en Bossa restaurant has become a staple choice for those seeking an added grandeur to their Ibiza stay. Essential Ibiza headed down to the luxury restaurant to sample their finest steak offerings and more.

We were greeted by the terrific Montauk service team, whose attentive nature and expert knowledge had us more than comforted from the get-go. Esther and Juan pointed-out an excellent selection of cocktails to get us started and showed-us the impressive thought that goes into crafting these classic drinks with a twist. Opting for the Ushuaïa Mule, with Belvedere o Glenmorangie, fresh watermelon, lime and a ginger beer top – as well as three others to taste – our palates were given a strong and refreshing wake-up. With 14 cocktails to choose from – which includes Champagne variants – Montauk knows exactly how to craft a perfect alcoholic meat pairing.

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After sipping on those delightful drinks to start, we could see the leg of authentic Iberico ham wheel over to our table. This was fitting to Montauk: great service with great food. As pieces of this rich, red and tasty meat were sliced delicately onto a platter, Alicia, manager of Montauk, explained the differences between our four different salts, each with a unique twist. There was – of course – SAL de Ibiza from the island, as well as red wine infused salt and handmade salt with celery. Each had a punchy and unique flavour that complimented our starters and main course brilliantly. With some classic Ibizan tomato and olive oil with bread on the side – as well as rich aioli made with potato and cream cheese infused with black olive – our taste exploration started in the most authentic and delicious way possible, with seasonings and meat compliments to match.

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Next we were explained which kind of steak we would soon be enjoying, but before that, there were still more starters to come. Yes, really! First to arrive were rock mussels from Valencia, bathed in a smooth garlic and herb butter and cooked in a Josper oven, which works with charcoal and can cook, smoke and BBQ. Incredible. Our photographer Isa pointed-out the best way to eat these was to use the shell to scoop as much butter in with the mussel as it could hold. I blame her for me eating the majority of them. They were heavenly and a perfect alternative for those wanting something other than meat.

With our stomachs fired-up and ready for more, Alicia brought out our next special dish. Prepared in front of our eyes, a fillet steak tartare was deliciously mixed and formed to our liking and tastes, where Alicia used all the authentic ingredients you’d find, with a touch of spicy siracha, where we could decide just how hot we’d like it. Once finished, it was placed on the table with crunchy toasted bread and before you could even say the word tartare, it was gone.

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Before we were treated to the main meaty event, we were presented with an armoury of knives to use to carve open our mains. There was a precise Japanese blade, a thick Spanish cutter with a bull horn handle, a trusty English steak knife and a fearsome German hunting blade. This attention to detail is what sets Montauk apart and it was an entertaining prelude to what was to come. With our specialist knives sharpened and our mouth’s watering, it was time for steak.

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I’ve never seen so much high-quality steak in one place. The Galician on-the-bone ribeye was a monster and the plate of perfectly cooked New York Strip was just as beefy. Montauk makes a point of sourcing the right cuts from the right cows and these cuts from grass-fed Galician beef – aged for 60-days – were more than the right choice. The strips were succulent with a subtle smoky flavour, whereas the ribeye was soft and full of rich flavours. The truffle and port Périgueux sauce was an ideal partner to both these cuts, alongside some delicious side dishes like crusted mac and cheese, carrots in a parmesan sauce, roasted vegetables and Argentinian chimichurri. Could it get better? Well, with a 2015 Muga Tempranillo to accompany, we were in steak and wine paradise.

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We put down our knives and opened our belts. But, no matter what, there’s always room for dessert – and when Montauk wheeled out a trolley of all kinds of sweet dreams, a second wind kicked in. with a spoon in hand, we tucked-in to all kinds of goodness; a brownie with rich chocolate cream, a trio of refreshing ganaches, one raspberry, one passion fruit, one lemon and a creamy tiramisu, delicately dusted with fine cocoa powder. Unreal.

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Not to be defeated, we sipped on our desert drinks – created by the Montauk bar team –  which included a decadent liquid cocktail, espresso martini, fruity pink caddilac and a malibu mojito – and soaked-up the relaxed and luxury atmosphere that Montauk offers. For any meat lover, Montauk Steakhouse at the Ushuaïa Ibiza tower is five-star food heaven. Try for yourself – but make sure you wear loose fitted trousers. You won’t want to stop.

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