Pure Pacha All Gone Pete Tong

Posted on June 18, 2011

Pete Tong’s return to Pacha after a three-year absence has been described as a homecoming, an observation he endorses with his first track of the night ‘I’m Coming Home’, much to the delight of the packed main room floor. The beaming grin on the enigmatic DJs face says it all; this is where Pete Tong belongs on a Friday night! Pure Pacha All Gone Pete Tong has restored the equilibrium to clubland, things are now as they should be and outside, Avinguda del Vuit d’Agost is buzzing as streams of loyal followers make their way through the famous entrance, where generations of clubbers have gone before them and where, tonight, they will witness Booka Shade making their Pacha Ibiza debut alongside Pete Tong.

Pacha Dancers-001

Our timing is impeccable albeit a touch fortuitous as Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger, aka Booka Shade, take control of the world famous Pacha booth just as we enter the main room. The floor is full, the air is thick with anticipation and people are dancing on every available space on the numerous raised areas around the club. The Pacha dancers are resplendent in their costumes, this is clubbing theatre at its finest, clearly a lot of thought has gone into summer 2011 and Essentialibiza grabs a quick chat with Max Leader, one of the men behind the scenes of this well-oiled operation…

60 Seconds With Max Leader
What led to the return to Pacha?
I think Pete put it perfectly in the Pacha magazine interview, we had done everything that we could do at the previous club, he had felt that there were promises from the club as far as refurbishing it and adding more to it but with the current financial climate it just wasn’t possible for them to do that. So, after three years it was pretty clear that we couldn’t take it any further than we had.

What was the build up to this season like and the return to pacha?
I wasn’t working with Pete when he was at Pacha first time round; I came to him when he started off at Eden. I definitely feel that coming back to Pacha has given us all a boost. It’s such a well oiled machine over here, the management and the club is just so on the ball and this allows us to really concentrate on making sure that all the nitty gritty is sorted out. Coming back to Pacha is a whole new world, especially for me. I was new to the island so my first experience of Ibiza was working in San Antonio, which I’m very fond of, but coming to this side of the island and seeing how these guys work it’s a complete pleasure.

The season line up is pretty eclectic musically, what was the thinking behind the programming?
I think that the nature of Pete in his career as a broadcaster means that he is constantly in touch with the new electronic music that’s coming through and I feel that his position is about finding what’s hot in electronic music and helping support it and promote it and kick it up to a new level. That naturally means that we are not just one sound, we don’t represent one sound, we represent good electronic music. I think that’s what I feel that I’m a part of over here thanks to Pete’s vision, bringing the best electronic music to one venue.


Back in the main room and Booka Shade kick things up a notch, taking the famous floor on a musical journey that includes many of their own productions; ‘Scaramanga’ and ‘Teenage Spaceman’ are both greeted by cheers of appreciation but the roof lifting moment is reserved for ‘Body Language’, their collaboration with M.A.N.D.Y., which produces a lights up, hands in the air, confetti cannon moment. Arno and Walter don’t stand still throughout their performance, something they have in common with the capacity crowd in front of them, in fact take the thousands of euros worth of equipment in front of them away and place the duo anywhere else in the room and they would not have looked out of place. This is a duo that clearly loves what it is doing, yet another thing they have in common with the capacity crowd they are entertaining!


Its almost four AM, the club has reached its capacity, all the rooms are going off, the terrace is packed and the stair area to the side of the Pacha DJ booth has suddenly become the must have ticket as people realise that Pete Tong is due to arrive any minute. Booka Shade are awesome and rightly regarded as one of the finest outfits around, production wise and in their ability to rock a crowd, but tonight is all about one man, it’s All Gone Pete Tong and these fans have booked their tickets probably before they even booked their flights, some of them remember the last time he occupied the Friday night in Pacha but most of them are happy to be a part of the new era.


There’s a definite homecoming feeling around the DJ booth as Pete greets many old friends on his way into the booth, stopping for pictures along the way. Relaxed, smiling and clearly happy to be in Pacha, Pete takes over the reigns but not before thanking Arno and Walter for their outstanding effort, joined enthusiastically by all and sundry! Pete Tong has never been a DJ that pigeonholed into any particular category of dance music. For twenty years he has championed electronic music with quality as the only prerequisite. This is reflected in the All Gone Pete Tong summer line up, which has already seen 2manydjs, Sander Kleinenberg, Calvin Harris, Funkagenda, Steve Lawler and Tiefschwarz join him in the Pacha booth. He launches into a musical journey filled with chunky electronic nuggets, the odd accapella, driving basslines and more than a few hands in the air moments. The ear-to-ear grins are universal; Pacha Fridays have definitely All Gone Pete Tong, roll on the rest of the season!