Jean Claude Ades All Night Long

Posted on September 26, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Images: La Skimal

One of the things we are loving about the Ibiza 2017 season is that it has expanded, at both ends, giving us weeks more fun on the white isle. April saw plenty of tourist activity and there were packed parties to be enjoyed early may. Now that we have come towards the end of September, traditionally (until recent years) the start of the end of the summer, we can look forward to almost another month of activity! Be Crazy, Jean Claude Ades’ Thursday night residency in Lio will host its final party on Thursday October 12, with the popular DJ playing all night long!

Nacho Dorado Photographer

Jean Claude Ades has become the go-to DJ for overs of deep, melodic tech house, the talented DJ/ producer not only offers a magical journey every time he gets behind an island booth, he has the habit of delivering emotive nuggets through his Be Crazy label, keeping us entertained even when we are not graced by his presence. Be Crazy has been one of the island’s success stories in recent years, consistently offering its loyal following an exciting, well though-out season line-up and capturing the hearts of newcomers with its electrifying atmosphere in the centre of the island’s marina district.

Nacho Dorado Photographer

Lio Ibiza is the location to find Be Crazy and Jean Claude Ades every Thursday during the summer; the elegant eatery offers a world-class dinner early in the evening before it evolves into one of the hottest late-night spaces, courtesy of the cosmopolitan Be Crazy crowd that descends after midnight. So far, this summer, Jean Claude Ades has been joined by a selection of talented guests, including Guy Mantzur, Marcus Worgull, Michel Cleim, Chaim, Kostantin Sibold and Guy J, to name only a few. Preferring to have one guest per week, giving each artist the opportunity to fully express themselves, Thursday night has witnessed some truly amazing collaborations.

Nacho Dorado Photographer

The summer will come to a close later than normal for Be Crazy with Thursday October 12 the night to bring the curtain down. Fans of Jean Claude Ades will be delighted to hear that the party headliner will take on solo deck duty for the final gathering. Not opposed to taking on longer sets, Jean Claude Ades loves the time to really take the crowd on a musical journey, through deep beats, moving basslines, emotive loops and hypnotic vocals, controlling them like a master puppeteer as he celebrates one of the biggest Ibiza seasons to date. T

Jean Claude Ades/ Be Crazy Ibiza

Nacho Dorado Photographer
Be crazy opening by la skimal
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