Ibiza Is Connected

Posted on August 1, 2015

Words: Al Krastev
Images: Jonatan Ferrer

Connect Ibiza took over Privilege with a plethora of trance tunes on Tuesday night. Headlined by Paul Oakenfold, the party attracted hundreds of fans looking to be spellbound and taken by the rhythm, the spectacular light show and entrancing dancers. Tuesday is undoubtedly becoming one of the biggest nights across the island, but only the biggest club in the world offers a pure trance alternative with Connect. Reimagining a completely enchanting experience, they take us throughout the spectrum of tunes tonight’s DJ’s are masters of.

Connect Oakenfold 2

The short walk from the Discobus stop to the main entrance serves to spike the anticipation for a night to remember. Once past the ticket counters, we wind around the massive structure to enter into the much more exclusive Vista Club. Opening at midnight, Maria Healy and Woody van Eyden warm up the crowd with a 45-minute set each that gets the fans stretching out their arms as high as they can. We are not kept waiting for long at all, as the star of the night takes the stage at 1:30 to a burst of cheering and enthusiastic screams. While the club is still getting some newcomers, there is plenty of room for everyone to get in the progressive trance zone and enjoy any way we can. The smoke machine at the back of the dancefloor constantly produces the best haze for the lazer show we are about to witness. With some full-on shuffling and others jumping around happily, the positive energy from all our hearts combined fills the space. The loud cheering of the crowd accompanies each vocal section, as we can’t help ourselves and clap in the air to the beat. Recognisable vocal trance hits make their way between deeper tracks. The spirit of the party is alive and well with louder and louder welcoming of each vocal chorus. The etheral slow singing to the upbeat bass in combination with pro sound effects enchant the fans to the point of forming multiple dance-off circles.

Connect Ibiza 02

The light show plays a leading role in tonight’s spellbinding show. With perfectly timed fadeouts of the red washes transitioning into hypnotic strobe lights, we couldn’t ask for better. Yet, it does get better, with lazers breaking through the smoke clouds and sudden changes to black lights catching our shaking to the beat at equal intervals. Furthermore, the dancers on both sides of the DJ booth keep enticing the fans throughout the night. Changing costumes multiple times, including mirror-glass outfits that reflect the web of lights across the club, they show off moves inspired by the warpy sound. The well air-conditioned dancefloor heats up nonetheless with party goers copying the dancers’ moves.

Connect Ibiza 01

At three o’clock, a live-performed track on a keyboard gets us screaming to welcome Alex M.O.R.P.H. Fittingly, he does morph vocal trance into a deeper sound full of twists and turns. This has us so ecstatic, the dancefloor becomes a marching band of fist-bumping in the air. Before you know it, time has come for Liquid Soul to take us even deeper. His set, full of proper bass drops, leaves little room for lyrics. After him Standervick takes us back to a variety of EDM-infused beats for the remaining party animals to jump to. Remixes of trance classics by Dash Berlin and Above & Beyond prove irresistible, as we just can’t stop dancing. The light show is gradually eclipsed by the lights of dawn when the most resilient fans greet the new day still dancing, overlooking Dalt Vila and the Ibiza port on the horizon. As we head out into the hot July morning, we know we will remember a night that connected us to all types of trance and kept us breathless in an intimate hypnosis until the morning.

Connect Ibiza 05