Ibiza In Your Glass

Posted on May 9, 2015

Sunday June 7 from 20.00H sees Nassau Tanit Beach welcome the Mari Mayans family and its Hierbas Ibicencas for Ibiza in your glass, a night under the stars and a chance to sample a lot of delicious hierbas drinks. The night of hierbas presents a host of talented DJs that includes Ants Ushuaia resident Andrea Oliva, Anna Tur from Ibiza Global Radio Alci from Sunday Breakfast, Jose Maria Ramon of Ibiza Global Radio and Paul Lomax from Endless Entertainment, not to mention a dance performance from Anisch & The Power Dance Group. Nassau Tanit Beach is the latest addition to the Ibiza beach club scene and with a strong cast for one of its first events, it promises to be a popular one. An amazing soundtrack delivered by world class DJs, with a theatrical element sets the scene as you are invited to try Ibiza in your glass and a chance savour some amazing hierbas. There is parking available at Nassau Beach club and the dress code includes smokey eyes or top hat.