How To Survive The Ibiza Closing Marathon

Posted on October 10, 2016

Words: Jason Eybe

Words by Lauren Chester. As the Ibiza closing marathon nears the finish line, there is no need to mourn the end of Ibiza 2016 just yet. There are still a stack of parties to be enjoyed in October, Halloween is only around the corner and then it’s plain sailing until New Year’s Eve and if all that seems too far away, Pacha is open every weekend if you just can’t wait that long.

As they went about the business of delivering stomping closing sets at some of the island’s most popular parties, we caught up with some of your favourite DJs to find out how they survive regular trips to Ibiza, and in particular, that crazy period of closing time, when there are multiple parties on every day and night and got them to address first world problems facing every clubber heading to the party mecca that is the White Isle. Here these Ibiza regulars and island faithfuls give you their tips and tricks on how to survive – and recover from – the Ibiza closings…

Andrea Oliva
Martin Buttrich


Andrea Oliva: Seat 1F, speedy boarding, Bose headphones noise cancellation with good music and hopefully you don´t hear the words brace brace!

Hannah Wants: Two tips, well two options: take ear plugs or get tipsy. Or if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em as they say!

Hector Couto: This summer flights to Ibiza had me crazy, I got flights cancelled, some delayed and lots of hours waiting at Madrid airport! Best travel tip is be patient. Ibiza is a worthwhile visit.

Martin Buttrich: I live in Barcelona so it’s exactly 40 minutes away, which is very convenient for me. My travel tip is to move close to Ibiza! No really, those cheap airlines aren’t as bad any more as they used to be, its survivable.

Alexis Rapheal: When I used to go on holiday with friends with the budget airlines, we used to have some drinks at the airport and just make as much fun as possible out of the flight getting speedy boarding, pre-printing boarding passes and only having on board luggage makes things easier and quicker. I remember one time at Luton the flight was the last one leaving that night from the airport and it was delayed. The bars had closed and everyone was helping themselves to pints as there was no staff around. Naughty naughty! In the end, once we boarded, a copper came on board and said “right we all know you’ve been nicking pints, you have two options, everyone puts a fiver in this pot or the plane doesn’t fly” I actually hadn’t taken a pint but I paid up and we headed off.

Pirupa: Last summer I was living in Ibiza and I saved a lot of money on the tickets. The flights are very expensive in the high season. My advice is if you have money to buy tickets to go to Ibiza you must stay longer much possible there and enjoy the crazy island!

Sidney Charles: Work on some musical ideas or watch a series on your laptop. I also have my back-up Playsation vita with FIFA on it… that’s a time killer too!

Secondcity: Sit right at the front of the plane, don’t go to the back ever, and pray! Or just join in on the action and that will pass the time quicker ha-ha.

Mambo Brothers: Two margarita cocktails and sitting in the emergency exit isle! This seems failsafe!

Mambo Brothers


Secondcity: Berocca

Mambo Brothers: Clean underwear, you never know!

Hannah Wants: Nothing that I haven’t already packed for the entire summer. I take Berocca with me everywhere I go and when I reach my hotel the first thing I do is stock up on water. Absolute life savers!

Andrea Oliva: Just my music and a lot of good vibes

Alexis Rapheal: My Y fronts and pink speedos to make sure I’m up to fashion… my makeup bag and some glitter, oh and some multi vitamins and supplements to help my body stay healthy through the days of partying. And my tunes of course.

Hector Couto: A pair of sneakers.

Sidney Charles: Ibuprofens and my best sunglasses.

Vitali Gelwich Photography Berlin vtl glwch catz n Dogz pets recordings 7
Sidney Charles


Hector Couto: Big siesta before the storm.

Secondcity: I don’t! I just go with the flow, I find it much more fun and just see where the night takes me.

Hannah Wants: Prepare! I hate feeling rushed so I plan with military precision. I like to get ready with plenty of time, make sure I’m prepped for the night ahead and then I always like to get to a gig an hour before my set so that I can check the vibe and the crowd etc, and start thinking about what I want to do with my set.

Catz ‘N Dogz: Getting through your collection and checking what you played this season and choosing the best tracks. Closing is a special night and you want to play the best set.

Alexis Rapheal: Get tarted up and hit the town! No, seriously, I spend hours going through my music then have a nice meal with friends and then a couple of beers later and I’m ready for the night.

Mambo Brothers: We always start with a light dinner and then to kick off the party a couple of fine tequila shots! Then you can get on the Tommy’s margaritas, this is the beginning of a f***ing great night!

Martin Buttrich: Definitely by sleeping lots and eating a really good meal. That’s pretty much it!

Andrea Oliva: Hang out with friends, go for dinner and then I go crazy.

Pirupa: First have a nice dinner with my girlfriend or my best friends. If I play I prefer to eat not too much, because I wanna avoid feeling bad and slow during my performance and then after I finish playing I start my party! If I don’t play… ALL IN!

Hannah Wants


Hannah Wants: I touched upon my cure above, berocca and water. Downing a bottle or two of water before you go to sleep is the key to rehydration and legit saves you from feeling like near death the next day. Depending on how I’m feeling my recommendations for the day after would be hotel room service (you can’t go wrong with food being delivered to you in bed!) or a trip to Mambo. Great food, great drinks and a beautiful view to go with.

Sidney Charles: Defo drink plenty of water. When I wake up hung over I just drink one litre of water straight away to just start hydrating and to get out all the toxins. Healthy food is definitely a must. I really love Wild Beets which is located in Santa Gertrudis, in the middle of the island. They have a big choice of healthy juices and delicious food. If you don’t want to drive that far you can also simply head to Passion Cafe in Bossa or Botafoch, they’re decent too!

Martin Buttrich: I get home as fast as possible and get on the couch! But when I’m staying on in Ibiza I’m usually staying in Marina Botafoch, I go to this little Italian place Trattoria Del Mar, Ibiza proper Italian food always helps.

Pirupa: The day after is always hard to survive from the hangover, but the good thing is Ibiza is full of amazing places to recover – from bars to restaurants and my favourite place is Can Pilot Restaurant in San Rafal. I recommend you make a reservation before you go because it’s impossible to find a table.

Mambo Brothers: Gazpacho and a swim in the sea! The best food after a party is at home, ‘marcarrones con queso’ before going to the bed – that can save life!

Alexis Rapheal: Well I’ve learnt it’s really important to eat healthy whilst gigging, so I try to avoid the burger and chips room service on a hangover which is what your body always craves. If you go for fruit and something healthy you feel a lot more alive a lot quicker and a lot better for it. Avoiding the Burger King at Ibiza airport is hard work though, let’s be honest. Lots of water and a dehydration tablet does wonders. Sorted and ready to go again. My favourite restaurant is Fish Shack in Talamanca! Yum!

Secondcity: Pizza or room service, that always works for me.

Hector Couto: I really need a good meal to sort my hangover, So I normally go to Cova Santa

Andrea Oliva: Go to Passion Cafe and get yourself a Hottie Shot or an Instant Energiser.

IMG_2078 Hector_Couto


Martin Buttrich: I do love to go to the Hacienda Na Xamena Spa. That’s great for a lazy day.

Secondcity: Cala Vadella or Aguas Blancas – both amazing beaches!

Andrea Oliva: Experimental Beach or Calla Compte.

Mambo Brothers: Cala Gracioneta, it’s close to our home in San Antonio, it’s an small gem with amazing clear water!

Hannah Wants: Y’know what, I’m not a massive beach fan, it’s the sand! I prefer pools or boats. Saying that, I visited Formentera for the first time ever last month with the lovely Mambo Brothers and a few of my friends and it was stunning. A day trip out there is a must. White sand and turquoise sea, it was insane!

Sidney Charles: I really love Cala Xuclar in the north-west part of the island. It’s probably one of the smallest beaches of Ibiza but it has a really nice restaurant and you nice opportunities to snorkel!

Denney: Salinas is great to chill on but I’d totally recommend getting the boat to Formentera and chilling there. The beaches and water look like they should be in a Bounty advert!

Pirupa: There are many, but my favoutites are Cala Salada in San Antonio with fine white sands and turquoise sea, it’s full of overhangs and also Cala Comte is where the sea is amazing and is perfect for the sunset.

Catz ‘N Dogz: Aguas Blancas!

Hector Couto: I love to visit CALA SALADA and spend my day by the sea.

Alexis Rapheal: I love Benirrás in the evening, the north of the island is so magical and more peaceful. Having said that there are so many other beautiful beaches in Ibiza too. Take a car out and discover Ibiza.


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