Hector: ‘The Music On Move To Pacha Is A Challenge, But I’m Comfortable With Change’

Posted on April 19, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

A well-established and respected member of the international Music On family, Barcelona-based DJ and producer Hector is a familiar face on the Ibiza club scene. But before the globe-trotting Vatos Locos founder returns to the White Isle for a run of sizzling summer shows, he is billed to play at the Music On Festival 2019 in Amsterdam on May 11th -12th.

The iconic musical experience will see him step into the booth alongside the likes of Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice, Paco Osuna, Nic Fanciulli, Danny Tenaglia and many more. Never one to stand still for long, we grilled Hector on his latest releases, touring the globe and Music On’s surprise move to Pacha Ibiza…

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Hector, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Where in the world are you right now, and what are you up to?
I’m back in Barcelona after returning from Australia. I had gigs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Before that we did Miami Music Week, from there to LA and then the tour in Australia at the beginning of April, so I’ve had a couple weeks of heavy touring. Today I’m preparing everything for my tour in Mexico. This weekend I’ve got gigs in Acapulco, Guadalajara and Aguascalientes.

You are about to release the ‘Find Turn’ EP, how did the collaboration with Amo come about and what made him a fit for the label?
Everyday there’s a new DJ or a new producer, so it can be difficult to keep up. Having the Vatos Locos crew around me and launching VL Recordings has given me the opportunity to discover a lot of new artists and upcoming people who aren’t well known. Amo is based in Florida and he’s friends with Vatos Locos’ Chad Andrew, who introduced me to his music. His stuff is incredible. Last year we played one of Amo’s tracks from this EP at Sunwaves and it went off. I always look to test tracks and see how they work with the crowd and label. As well as the music, Amo is a great guy with a good attitude, which is also super important to me. Because I really liked the title track ‘Find Turn’, David Gtronic and I did a remix, and I’m looking forward to playing this at Sunwaves.

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Is there anyone on your list that you would love to work with, out of bothiconic names and up-and-coming talent?
We have now one of my all-time favourites Satoshi Tomiie dropping an EP on VL Limited. I’m really excited about this as he’s such a legend.

You are, of course, an established and much-loved member of the Music On family. What does it mean to you playing for this renowned brand?
I’ve been very good friends with Marco for years now. I used to sell records to him at [London record store] Phonica and we clicked through the music. To be part of his crew means a lot to me, as he’s very strict with his music policy and his personal taste. Every time he asks me to play with him it means a lot to me because the musical journey you get with him and the artists that he invites is special. It’s always good to work with other brands and people, and I’m happy to be part of the crew when invited.

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Before heading to Ibiza, Music On is hosting a festival in Amsterdam. What can music lovers expect in terms of scale and atmosphere?
The line-up is amazing. The music will be super, super good. You have Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Danny Tenaglia and Apollonia. Musically it will be great across the two days. I’m playing on Sunday before Loco Dice, then it’s Jamie Jones and then Marco.

Will you give a sneak preview of new material?
I’ve now finished a ten-track collaboration with David Gtronic, a three-track EP with Chad Andrew. I also have an album in the works, which is more of a techno sound to what I normally do. I’m looking forward to giving some of this material a test drive, for sure.

What do you get up to when you play in Amsterdam?
I haven’t played there in a few years. I went back a couple of months ago with the guys from nightclub Shelter, which I loved. I love playing in Amsterdam and this time I’ll have a couple of days to spend there. I’ll do some record shopping and check out a couple of venues for ADE.

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Music On moving to Pacha Ibiza is huge news on the island. How do you feel about it?
It’s always good to change. Marco is a visionary; he knows what he’s doing. Now I guess he felt he needed to move to a new home and he feels comfortable there, so I will support him. It’s always about the music with him, and he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone – he’s good anywhere he plays.

How do you think it will impact the Music On brand and your own sets?
Pacha is legendary, and the last time I played was a few years ago. I worked at Phonica Records for seven years, choosing tracks for DJs with different styles who’d be playing different venues, so I’m comfortable with the change. It’s a challenge and up to the DJ to make the crowd work. You don’t know until you get there and see the reaction from the people to your set, so for me it’s better not to prepare, just get in there and get along with the vibe. I’ll be going early when I’m playing so I can get a feel for it before I go on.

When you have time to chill, what would a perfect day in Ibiza look like to you? Can you share some of your favourite places with us?
It’d be at the beach with my wife and daughter, disconnect and try to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I’ve been coming to the island for the last 18 years so I know the places where there are no tourists. I’d also grab a nice lunch with a traditional paella. When I’m in Ibiza, I take every day as it comes, go on whatever I feel in that day and see where I end up. I know the north has the better beaches but to get there can be a mission, so if I’m not in the mood I know some spots by Talamanca and Las Salinas – there are still some secret beaches there to chill.

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