Guy J Ready For Be Crazy! Ibiza

Posted on June 27, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Thursday June 29 is a date that tech house lovers will have marked in their Ibiza diary as Jean Claude Ades welcomes Guy J to Be Crazy! Ibiza for his debut performance at the popular Thursday night party. The Tel Aviv based DJ/ producer is one of the hottest talents on the international scene, on the back of a catalogue of fantastic productions, remixes, performances and his Lost & Found label which shows a willful disregard for musical boundaries, resulting in some innovative releases.

Guy J is an avid house music collector, doesn’t matter the genre, if the tune catches his ear, he will always find a place for it. This huge collection and knowledge of his craft is one of the tools at his disposal when he takes over the booth, an ability to take any crowd on a twisting journey, and one of the reasons he is in demand throughout the club world. Thursday June 29 sees him make his debut for Be Crazy! Ibiza, at its vibrant Thursday night party at Lio, in the centre of the Ibiza marina.

One of the features of the Be Crazy! Ibiza party is that Jean Claude only invites one other artist to share the booth and is very particular on who he lets loose on his passionate crowd. Guy J not only offers a stylish ability to flit between genres, he is also one of the best at utilizing his time in the booth, no matter how short or long, to really challenge the crowd musically, something that has anticipation levels rising already. As Guy gets set to join Jean Claude Ades for what promises to be a night of top quality beats and emotive loops, we caught up with him to find out how he prepares for the party and what we can expect…

Guy J 002

June 29 sees you play at Lio Ibiza for Be Crazy alongside Jean Claude Ades; with only two of you playing, how much are you looking forward to taking the crowd on a musical journey?
I’m looking forward to it very much, i think each venue in Ibiza attracts a totally different crowd. It’s not that they all have the same crowd so it’s interesting to see what it will be like on the night at Lio 

You’re known for exploring numerous electronic avenues and genres during your set, does having more time in the booth give you the freedom to do that?
I love playing long sets but i have always collected all kinds of house music. Even in shorter sets you can combine different genres in your gig. I think it’s important to be open minded with what you are playing.

As an artist Jean Claude Ades produces some of the finest tech house, does appearing with someone at the top of their game bring the best out of you as an artist?
I always go and deliver my best, it doesn’t matter where i play. If i get booked somewhere i appreciate it and i try to give my very best and justify the invitation to play.

Be CRazy 001

Which three tracks are you looking forward to unleashing on the Be Crazy Ibiza crowd?
Guy J ‘Temperament’ – This is a new track that i made that will be released on John Digweed’s compilation. It has more of that tech house/techno kind of vibe that I think will work out well in Ibiza.
Khen ‘Cornfields’ – A new track from Khen that has a great groove and percussion, this one should work the magic.
LDLB Ft Junior ‘Absent Without Thoughts’ – This is a beautiful track from Lost Dessert that I play a lot. It has a great mood in it. 

As a prolific producer and remixer, do you think aspiring DJs have to master the studio to reach the upper levels of the scene these days?
Definitely. I think today it’s not enough to be just a DJ. It’s easy to DJ today. Of course you need to know how to build up your set and also which tracks to select but i think when you know how to produce the music it will be your way to get recognised and also i think you will get to appreciate other tracks that are made well.

When you’re not in the booth, what constitutes the perfect day for you in Ibiza?
I love walking around and seeing everyone wasted the day after from other partying on the island – ha-ha.


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