Groovers Unite At The Vista Club

Posted on June 11, 2016

For seriously underground tech-house, look no further than Solid Grooves Thursdays at Privilege Ibiza’s Vista Club. The opening night on Thursday, June 9 threatened the roof of the glass pyramid, uniting groovers in an authentic wicked underground bash.

The Solid Grooves concept has already mustered its share of devoted followers. Evident by the long queue under the Privilege dome, the success of the debut party was evident from the get-go, as groovers filled the party’s new home, the suggestive Vista Club, aptly named for its incredible views of the Ibiza Town skyline. As the play of blue-green lighting pierced the air, an already full house danced to notable rising talents Ryan Daniel followed by Detlef.


By 2am Solid Grooves co-founder PAWSA took control with a creative set and rich sound adorned by samplings of electronic classics, as dancers with long ponytails and black corsets crisscrossed by red ribbon and thin chains swayed on extreme knee-high stiletto boots. With a heftier bassline, Subb-An was next although more serious, it was nonetheless transporting techno that turned progressive. Ending strong with an underground afterhours groove, his escalating finale went on a rich and melodic glide through musical dimensions as he handed the decks over to Huxley, with the crowd showing its appreciation for both artists.

Amante closing by La Skimal
Amante closing by La Skimal

Picking up where Subb-An left off, Huxley kept the after-hour groove going as the party really kicked in. Traveling through darker terrains and back again, with a sturdy bassline galloping through the night, he sprinkled piano riffs, drums and claps samplings from the early ‘90s into a modern sound, as huge confetti rained down on the crowd. Downright awesome, Huxley had a markedly mottled set touching the varying musical styles and incarnations he has mastered. Ending strong with a most underground rendering of Olive’s ‘You’re Not Alone’ recognisable only by the lyrics, as the secret guest, announced only to those attending the opening, came on.


Totally beloved, James Zabiela had every piece of equipment set up as he took to the console. Jumping up and down as he produced electronic music live, he shook with the beat the entire time, a perma-smile stamped across his face. Clearly loving his art, this musical phenomenon has a mesmerising sound, with a bounce that had everyone fully engaged and responsive. At one point the entire crowd sat down, hands in the air, before jumping up and at it nonstop. Constructing musical narratives, James pulled in/out every sound sample in the book: psychedelic twists, distorted barks, even scratches, from deep underground with a dramatic flair, for a high-energy first half before going darker and deeper. Picking up with melodious beats, he turned out a revivalist conclusion of long-gone jingles as he handed over to Solid Grooves co-creator Michael Bibi who went progressive for the rest of the night.


Solid Grooves is just what its name indicates, providing genuine underground beats for real music lovers or better – ravers’ new incarnation groovers. A complete and genuine party, with everyone fully engaged, from the DJs to the crowd, Solid Grooves is an unmissable experience for anyone looking for an authentic underground party atmosphere with top electronic music.