GotSome Making Noise At Together

Posted on July 25, 2015

GotSome is a DJ/ producer duo from the UK that consists of Adam Gorsky and Alex Holmes. Currently setting house and bass scenes on fire simultaneously, they are distributing the duties in the following way: Alex is a studio guru, Adam rules behind the decks, and together they make an explosive mix of drive and creativity. Their most prominent release so far was ‘Bassline’ – released on Defected Records, widely supported by Annie Mac and remixed by Kenny Dope, Friend Within, Chus + Ceballos and Chocolate Puma. Since then the sound of the duo has undergone an evolution, never failing to intrigue the fans with new shades and twists. For the forthcoming album the guys are dreaming of following the path paved by Basement Jaxx and the Chemical Brothers and fusing together elements of numerous musical styles – what a treat it should be! Meanwhile, this summer GotSome is playing eight dates for Together on Tuesday night in Amnesia, adding some spice to the diverse sonic palette of the night. We had a chance to talk with the inseparable pair about their history of relations with Ibiza, their knack for remixing and their favourite pastimes, apart from music.


How did you get to know each other and how long have you been making music?
ALEX: We both grew up in Bristol in similar circles and have actually been working together for over 10 years on various projects. We were both going to the same d’n’b club nights when we were younger and even though we’re writing slower music now, it has definitely influenced the way we think about basslines.

How did the invitation to play for Together at Amnesia this summer come about?
BOTH: Our management team has a really good relationship with the clubs on the island as so many of the other acts on the roster play out there. It’s the best place for us right now, so it’s great that they were up for supporting us!

You played the closing set recently at Together. How was it?
ADAM: We’re totally stoked to be involved in an event and line-up like Together. It’s the first time we’ve played in Ibiza and it was an amazing experience to be in Amnesia. The sound system, layout and pyrotechnics are second to none, and any DJ would feel privileged to play there.

It was your first time on the island, right? Why didn’t you go to Ibiza before?
ADAM: When I was younger a load of my friends were heading out there, but I said I wouldn’t go until I was playing. Fast forward several years, and now my first visit sees us playing in one of the best known clubs in the world.
ALEX: I’ve actually been going for a few years now and even proposed to my girlfriend there last summer!


This summer you are doing lots of festivals. Was it your deliberate goal to play at as many open air events as possible?
ADAM: We like to do both. You get a different vibe when playing indoors and outdoors, but you have to make the most of the summer and play outside as much as possible. We just want people to come and have a dance and a good time.
ALEX: It’s great playing at festivals, as long as the sound system is good. We played at Disclosure and Rudimental’s Wild Life festival in Brighton and the stage, lights and system were incredible. Sometimes being in a tent can work in your favour though, as we found out on the Sonic Stage at Glastonbury when it started raining outside, which actually worked in our favour!

How did you get signed to Defected, and how did your relationship with this label develop?
ADAM: The initial signing was a chance situation when Andy Daniel and the Defected guys heard B.Traits play our unsigned track Bassline on the radio whilst driving along the motorway. They got in touch shortly afterwards and the rest is history. We also put out a second EP earlier this year. It’s been amazing to work with such an established label and it is a great learning experience to see how one of the biggest house music labels in the world is run.
ALEX: As our sound has developed we’ve arguably moved away from the Defected sound, but we’ll always be super grateful for them taking a punt on a new and an unknown act.

You’re playing a lot together with Hannah Wants – tell us about your friendship please!
ADAM: Hannah booked us for a few of her ‘What Hannah Wants’ parties back last year and we’ve been real good friends ever since. We have quite similar musical backgrounds as we both love speed garage, r’n’b & big basslines.

Got Some_B&W_PressShot2[2]

It looks like you prefer remixing someone else’s music to making your own, why so?
ALEX: We love writing our own music, but we’re super critical and perfectionists and would rather only release a handful of high quality tracks rather than hammering out a load of releases every year. That said, we play a lot of our own music in our sets and are road testing tracks all the time.
ADAM: For us, remixing is a chance to have a bit of fun with the elements that we’re given. We can put our spin on whatever vocal or instrumental hooks are in the original track, and in doing so can let the world know about our sound. A few years ago we would never have dreamed we would be remixing Basement Jaxx and Roisin Murphy. You’d be mad to turn those down!

Tell us please about your upcoming releases!
ALEX: We’ve just done a remix of Jax Jones’ summer anthem Yeah Yeah Yeah, which is out on July 24, and have also done a collaboration with AC Slater for his new Night Bass label, which is part of an awesome compilation out now.
ADAM: Between festivals, you’ll find us tucked up in the studio polishing off tracks for an EP which should be out on MTA Records later this year.

Apart from making music, listening to it and playing it, what are your hobbies and favourite pastimes?
ALEX: I wish there was more time to do other things, but most of our time is totally absorbed in music and music production. My girlfriend is quite active and has been trying to get me out more. Over the last few years I’ve tried my hand at windsurfing, mountain biking, running, hiking, sailing, cycling and swimming, but nothing has stuck yet!
ADAM: When I get back from touring the most important thing for me is to see my friends and family. Eating on the road is a nightmare, so I try and stay healthy as much as possible by going to the gym and doing some yoga. When it comes to hobbies, I love watching films and eating. I’m also a bit of a food blogger. I’m that annoying guy taking pictures of his food before eating it… You either hate it or love it!