Garden Of Madness

Posted on August 3, 2017

Words: Jason Eybe

Images: Tamara Sini

Ushuaïa Ibiza launched into its August schedule on Tuesday August 1 with the latest edition of its colourful collaboration with Belgian super-festival Tomorrowland. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike returned to the beachfront venue, inviting Nervo, Yves V, EDX, Angemi and Jose Maria Ramon to join them in taking the open air space on a musical adventure.

Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_003
Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_004

The entrance to the famous venue was covered in multi-coloured flowers and a huge Garden of Madness gateway, as clubbers from all over the world grabbed a selfie before entering. Inside was just as impressive as Tomorrowland brings its renowned production to the heart of Playa d’en Bossa. Pods in the swimming pool and an enormous snake head dominating the top of the stage get even more impressive as day eases into night and the lighting comes alive.

Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_005
Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_006

Nervo are in control of the stage during magic hour, that time of the day when night falls, the sky turns a deep blue before going black and the mesmerising visuals and extravagant production are in full bloom. The duo is more than aware of what it takes to rick the capacity crowd inside the open air theatre, having held their own residency and previously played at many of its world-class parties. High energy, big room tunes dominate the soundtrack and the girls engage with the crowd on the mic, demanding hands in the air, to which all comply!

Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_013
Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_009

The final part of the musical journey is left to headliners Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, regular performers at the Belgian based festival over the years as well as Ushuaîa Ibiza, they were the natural choice to spearhead the debut assault on the clubbing capital. What followed was a series of explosions, lasers shooting out across the crowd and confetti filled the air as the duo set about delivering a fitting finale. Like master puppeteers they controlled the huge crowd, taking turns of jumping on top of the deck table to interact with fans that have travelled from all over the world. The festival has successfully harnessed its famous atmosphere and transported it to Playa d’en Bossa, where is has made a big impression on Tuesday night in playa den Bossa.

Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_016
Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_008
Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_019
Ushuaia_Dimitri Vegas_Like_Mike_Essentialibiza_2017_by_Tamara_Sini_011