DJulz Presents Bass Culture

Posted on June 18, 2015

Words: Lena Kochetkova.

The name D’Julz certainly rings a bell with Circo Loco devotees: when the Parisian DJ plays at DC10, the club goes on fire. What else can you expect of a DJ with more than two decades of experience, who started his career at the early French raves, moved to New York to cement his reputation and has been playing all over the world ever since? In 1997 D’Julz launched his own Bass Culture night at the infamous Rex club that turned out to be the longest-running event in the history of this venue and is still going on. In 2009 Bass Culture record label was born. Apart from the artist’s own imprint, his music has been released, among others, on Ovum, Circus Company, Robsoul and, most recently, Rex Club Music. This summer he is launching his new weekly radioshow on Ibiza Global Radio – actually, when we came for the interview, he was recording jingles there. As soon as the jingles were done, we took a seat with the DJ to discuss the forthcoming show, his latest and upcoming releases and the experience of playing for Circo Loco in Ibiza and abroad…

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Can you tell us about the project you were recording jingles for?
This is a radio show, my new radio residency that I’m starting on Ibiza Global Radio on July 6. It will be a one-hour show that goes on air every Monday from 1am till 2am. I will be doing some live mixing for it, and also I will have some guest artists from my Bass Culture label. So one week it will be a mix of mine, and the other week a guest DJ from the label will deliver a mix. The show will be called Bass Culture, just like my label – to be more precise, D’Julz presents Bass Culture on Ibiza Global Radio.

Monday from 1am till 2am is Circo Loco time…
Yes, but I’m not going to record it on Monday. The show will be recorded sometimes live at a party, sometimes at my home. Some people will be listening to it driving from Circo Loco to another club and having good time.

Why did you choose this very moment to launch the show?
I was approached by Ibiza Global Radio. They asked me if I was interested in doing a residency this year, and I thought it was a good occasion to make some promotion for me and for my label in Ibiza. I used to have a radioshow a long time ago in Paris on FG – this radio station is now becoming a bit more commercial, but at that time they had a lot of cool DJs. It’s good to be back in the radio world after almost 10 years’ absence, I was missing it.

How long did it take you to develop the concept of the show?
It’s not a very complicated concept, the show is just a one-hour mix. It’s what I do every weekend, mixing. I’m not going to talk, I’m not going to do interviews or really hosting a show – just music.

Which artists are you going to invite as guests?
I haven’t made an exact list of guest DJs for the show, but I asked all the artists of my label: Franco Cinelli, Alex Picone, Mark Ambrose, Cassy, John Dimas, Lady Blacktronica, Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie… There will be the names who have been with the label since the very beginning, and also some newcomers, to whom it will help to get a little bit of exposure.


I guess these artists will deliver many exciting releases for the label in the next few months as well?
This month we have a new release from Swedish duo Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie. It will be their second EP for the label: last year they had Pajala Sunrise EP on Bass Culture that did really well. After this I’m going to take a break for the summer, and in September I’m going to release my own solo EP. Maybe I will also do a compilation of unreleased tracks by various artists to mark the sixth anniversary of the label, but this will be in the winter, I think.

Earlier this year your Second Hand Smoke EP with Phil Weeks became the inaugurate release of Rex Club Music. What’s the story behind this?
When Rex club decided to launch the label, they felt it was important to start with the residents of the club. I’m their oldest resident: my Bass Culture night has been going on for almost 18 years there. So they asked me if I had any music to give them as a fresh release. I didn’t have any new tracks finished, but I just started to do this collaboration with Phil, which we didn’t want to put out on our labels: either on my Bass Culture or Phil’s Robsoul. By the way, Phil also has his own night at the club, called Get Underground. I told Molly who does the A&R for the Club Music about the project Phil and me were working on, potentially offering it for the label. Of course, Molly was interested, so we sent her the first track that we finished. She liked it a lot, and that’s how it happened. It was all about good timing.

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You played at Circo Loco opening this season, how was it?
It was a really good opening, I enjoyed it, and I was given a good time slot. You know, the thing with Circo Loco is that you never know what time you are going to play and in which room, it keeps changing all the time. For the opening I was really lucky to be given the peak hour on the terrace, and the vibe was excellent. I was really happy with the party, my set and the wonderful connection with the crowd.

How different from that was the experience of playing for Circo Loco in Japan?
The brand Circo Loco is well-known internationally, but I think in Japan it needs to be developed a bit more, if compared to Ibiza, or the UK, or mainland Spain where it is huge. They have been doing parties for nearly three years at Womb, which is the best club in Japan. This time they made a party outside, like a festival, recreating DC10 as it is in Ibiza, with two areas. It was good, and if they keep doing it every year, it will grow very big for sure. The first edition already was a huge success.

What are the most exciting gigs that you have planned for Ibiza 2015?
My residency for Circo Loco is the most exciting one: I played twice already and I’m going to play four more shows, once every month and then the closing. Also I play for Luciano’s Vagabundos party in Space on July 19. I will be coming to Ibiza 7-8 times in total, which is quite a lot for me.

Vagabundos are back in Ibiza after a two-year hiatus. From your artistic perception, what is the main difference between Vagabundos today and, let’s say, 3 years ago?
I didn’t go to the new party yet, so I don’t know the exact direction they are taking. I played for Vagabundos at their first year in Pacha, and it was something very important for Luciano and the club as well. It was very successful from the first months there, and I hope it will be the same for Space. This will be a completely different room for Vagabundos, and music has to be a little bit different, I guess. Let’s see what happens!

Listen to D’Julz presents Bass Culture every Monday from July 6 on Ibiza Global Radio between 1am – 2am

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