Diynamic And DC10 Join Forces For One Unforgettable Evening

Posted on July 11, 2019

Words: Kane Allen

Photos by Tatiana Chausovsky

Solomun and his forward-thinking Diynamic label has been building a dance music mega-brand since it first started in 2006. Yet still retaining its true underground sense, the Do It Yourself production factory has released some of the finest, cutting-edge music for over a decade – as well as providing a platform for practised artists from across the genre to showcase that epochal Diynamic sound, which continues to cultivate throughout the scene and across the world. As part of a very special Diynamic DC10 takeover, Solomun and co’ were joined by techno titan Maceo Plex, where the pair would perform a long-awaited dovetail set in the famous converted finca. Here’s what happened when Diynamic joined DC10 on this special Friday evening.

Starting under the neon lights, the sun was already set when we joined the boss Solomun for his closing Garden set. Keeping his best for later, the Diynamic don was slowly but surely ramping-up the energy in this iconic Ibiza open-air setting. With more and more DC10 revellers arriving, the Garden was filling at the perfect pace – and Solomun was throwing-out the perfect closing set for the first part of this label party takeover. The lights flashed; the tunes were just as electric. This was just the start.

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After a brief breather – where we soaked-in the vibrant Garden atmosphere – it was time to make our way into the main part of the club, where Israeli Diynamic DJ and producer Moscoman was making a start on a Club Room opening set full of vibrancy. It was an early night-time spark that displayed his selecting talent. Keeping it dark, but still deep and very much on the techno side, the Berlin-based performer kept true to his new-found city, playing an Adam Port edit of Simple Symmetry’s Enkidu. Moscoman held his own – and more.

Moving into the Terrace, Lehar and Musumeci were into the first hour their back-to-back offering for the evening. The pair were on fire. There was an instant heat you could feel throughout the Terrace as these two threw down one of the best sets of the night. It was fast, intense, deep, brilliant – and encompassed all that Diynamic is about. When they dropped Paul Woolford’s new bassline mix of Nic Fanciulli’s Miracle (Body Rock), the Terrace shook to its core. It was rocking.

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After regaining some composure after that the piece of back-to-back brilliance, there was no time to take a breather. Instead, there was more main room action to come, with Maceo Plex already in the throws of a solo set, we waited in anticipation for the main event of the evening: Solomun and Maceo Plex, together in the Terrace – but that didn’t mean the latter would keep his heavy-hitters hidden. Benny Rodrigues’ Younger Rebinds moniker remix of Legowelt’s Disco Rout moved the night into a sixth gear. After this blazing breakneck solo set, Maceo Plex and Solomun were ready to take hold of a whole new engine.

With the stage set, the main man entered the booth and towered over the decks, overlooking the quickly packing-out Terrace. With Maceo Plex by his side, this was set to be one to remember. Moving through the kind of sci-fi-like music that proves these two are from another planet, each tune was as thunderous and dramatic as the next. Maceo Plex’s influence on the dovetail was dynamic – and Solomun kept Diynamic close to his heart with his track choices. A surprise selection with Denis Sulta’s L.A. Ruffgarden showed us that this back-to-back showed no signs of faltering and that both these two electronic music juggernauts had more firepower at their disposal than anyone else could dream of. Of course, there was only one way to finish it off: When The Lights Are Out. This Maceo Plex masterpiece flipped the switch on an unforgettable DC10 takeover.

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The Diynamic takeover roadshow rolls into Amnesia on the 26th of August, where Solomun is joined by Diynamic duo Adriatique and Italian techno hero Joseph Capriati. Be sure to secure your tickets early for this one. If piercing deep house, thunderous techno and all-round musical brilliance is what you’re looking for: Diynamic won’t disappoint.

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