Clockwork Orange’s Ibiza Time Warp

Posted on July 30, 2016

Words: Olivia Ebeling

It was the highly anticipated dance marathon we had been eagerly awaiting for weeks, and from July 22nd – July 25th the Clockwork Orange brought back the glory days of the iconic concept in a four-day whirlwind of parties, anthems, over 20 DJs and a lot of happy faces!

After a hiatus that lasted more than a decade, the genre-defining rave returned to Ibiza for a third consecutive year after bringing the concept back to life in 2014, this time with a bigger and bolder plan to tear it up across several dance floors on the White Isle than ever. Founders Danny Gould and Andy Manston had curated a line-up featuring many iconic Clockwork names including Tall Paul, Seb Fontaine, Brandon Block and, of course, the creators themselves; as well as island favourites like Jason Bye, Jo Mills, Clara de Costa and Lisa Loud.

Sankeys Clockwork OrangeOn Friday, proceedings kicked off with a pre-party on the golden sands at Nassau Tanit, combining the magic of golden hour with goose bump inducing classic party tunes that warmed every one up for the inaugural rave at Sankeys that night. The crowd that had turned out for the 2016 opener was a mix of loyal Clockwork Orange fans, who have supported the party since its 90’s heyday, but also young party animals who probably weren’t old enough to experience the phenomenon first time round. Everyone came together to celebrate the music, the tunes and the euphoria of the famously infectious Clockwork Orange atmosphere, united by their love of the party’s signature sound. In the Basement, Lisa Loud, Andy Manston, Tall Paul, Seb Fontaine and Jason Bye played an hour-long set each, while over in the Spektrum Charlotte Moss, Clara Da Costa, Danny Clock b2b Keith, John Kelly, Alex P b2b Brandon Block and Slipmat all took their turn on the decks.

Sankeys Clockwork OrangeAfter a day of rest and recovery on Saturday- which saw the birth of the saying ‘Ive been clockwork oranged’ following Friday’s shenanigans- on Sunday night the party posse was back on form again, heading to stylish boutique hotel Es Vive, another ‘90s Ibiza icon that is enjoying the same popularity now as back in the day. Bringing the inimitable Clockwork Orange old school UK clubbing vibe to the sleek art deco abode, there were plenty of good vibes and ‘hands in the air’ moments as the party went off until the early hours.Sankeys Clockwork OrangeSankeys Clockwork Orange

On its final day, there was no time for Monday blues as the Clockwork Orange love fest moved on to Café Mambo in San Antonio, one of Ibiza’s most famous sunset spots and a long-standing supporter of the Clockwork concept. Kicking off at 4pm, it was a last chance to soak up the sun, cheer the incredible atmosphere with a cold one and dance to your heart’s content on the legendary Sunset Strip. The venue was packed, with revelers raving it up to the pumping house beats that could be heard all the way down to the rocky shore. Clock_orange_mambo_essentialibiza2016_by_Vlad_Florut-0564Clock_orange_mambo_essentialibiza2016_by_Vlad_Florut-0513Clock_orange_mambo_essentialibiza2016_by_Vlad_Florut-0753When the sun set on the last party of Clockwork Orange 2016, there was an overwhelming feeling of bittersweet melancholy in the air, soon to be replaced by an energetic party vibe, whooping and hollering as the party carried on into the early hours… Get a taste of the action below!

But, there is no need to be sad, as new dates for 2017 have already been announced. Pencil the 28th-31st July into your diary for next summer when the Clockwork Orange family will be ready to get sucked up in the crazy, epic, fun and joyful time warp again!

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