CDLN At Home At Sea

Posted on August 23, 2015

Words Izabela Swiecicka
Images: Tamara Sini

In Ibiza, there are boat parties, and yet more boat parties, with so many to choose from, it’s sometimes hard making up your mind. One of the most popular is Cirque De La Nuit (CDLN), a party on the waves so successful that their machine of a team can churn out at least five banging parties on the Mediterranean every week. Running this year almost daily right up until October 15th, the boss Ezekiel, and his ridiculously good looking Adonis like staff, have these parties running to perfection. At Essentialibiza we are lucky enough to get to experience all the different types of parties, both on land and on sea, but even we weren’t prepared for the amount of craziness packed into three hours which passed so quickly it seemed like 3 minutes, we were having so much fun.

CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 03

The Cirque De La Nuit boats can carry up to two hundred and eighty happy revellers at a time, and everyone on board is given a free introductory glass of cava as they board and we were setting sail within minutes of the jetty filling up, bang on time. So not Ibiza style! We pulled out of Playa D’en Bossa to some thumping bass and cheers all round from what seemed already like a very happy crowd, (mainly due to the fact that most had them had been at the CDLN pre-party at Hostal CDLN), as DJ Sebastian Lahm set the tone with some opening classics. And boy does this boat have some bass! Even though the music cut out for ten minutes due to a technical hitch, it made no difference to the atmosphere as the super cool staff (did I say how good looking they were?) took the opportunity to get in amongst the crowd with full jugs of sangria and cerveza, swaying expertly with the rocking and rolling of both the waves and the guests. As soon as the music kicked back in they were spraying and drenching everyone in cava, and the crowd was lapping it up. Literally.

CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 05
CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 06

After a pit stop for a swim in the beautiful clear waters off the coast of Formentera (‘would you like to jump madam or use the slide?’) with two hundred people in the sea at one time looking like a warmer version of the Titanic, the music was cranked up again and the party got back into full swing. It was also good to note that these guys even have trained lifeguards on every boat. A boat full of almost three hundred super happy people all singing and dancing together as one, as the boat swayed them from left to right and back again, is something to see, and to be in amongst it is even better, and unlimited free alcohol for the whole trip certainly helps. Before we knew it we were back into the bay and mooring at the Playa D’en Bossa jetty, and Ezekiel and his hot staff (sorry!) were slapping us on the back, shaking our hands, kissing us, and clearing the boat like the well-oiled machine that it is.

CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 09
CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 10

However, this was only part one of the Cirque De La Nuit party. Giving everyone a chance to take a breather, get showered, changed and made up, the party recommenced in the evening around the pool back at Hostal CDLN, also in Playa D’en Bossa, where all ticket holders are treated to a free char-grilled BBQ, and again an open bar. Dangerous! The party ran from 9-12pm with the DJ whipping up the crowd with a mix of deep and tech-house, and by the end of it the many that were still there were suitably up for the making the most of the Sankeys pass, also included in the deal. The party itself finished at midnight, and to use the pass the guests had to be in Sankeys by half past midnight, and as usual the CDLN team made sure everyone got to where they needed to be in time. One of the best boat parties on the island year that’s for sure. Thank you Ezekiel, we will be back for more!

CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 12
CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 13
CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 14
CDLN Ibiza Boat Party 15