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Posted on August 2, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Jean Claude Ades is enjoying another big Ibiza summer, both through his Be Crazy! party every Thursday in Lio and through several guest appearances in some of the island’s other respected venues. One of the foundations of his appeal is his unique take on the deep, tech sound, offering his fans an emotive journey whenever he takes over a DJ Booth. In keeping with that philosophy, his Be Crazy Music imprint is set to unleash his latest production, ‘Appassionata/ Ordinary Day’.

Be Crazy Music has provided a platform for numerous floor challenging releases already, making it one of the most respected amongst DJs that prefer that deeper vibe with Jean Claude Ades responsible for many of those nuggets that hold pride of place in virtual record boxes all over the world. Having won an army of fans through previous releases, ‘Appassionata/ Ordinary Day’ will do nothing but further his reputation for having an ear for makes the dancefloor tick. His reputation for an ability to inject a warmth into his productions while maintaining that cutting edge that challenges the toughest of dancefloors remains intact as he offers up two fantastic cuts.

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Jean Claude Ades is meticulous in his set planning so the fact that he opts for a precise kick drum in no surprise as he gives ‘Appassionata’ a solid foundation. Carefully compressed low frequencies and an arpeggiated moog-like pattern add real weight to the bottom end while layers of string and keys give it a mesmerising melodic edge. ‘Ordinary Day’ sees Jean Claude Ades harness the energy of peak season in a powerful floor filler. Driving drum loops set the pace, with fluid percussion adding a swing while howling pads and synthesised strings combine to give the track a real presence. Add the spectacular vocals of Stereas and a breakdown of epic proportions and it’s easy to understand why the track has already been tearing up floors around clubland while being road tested.

‘Appassionata/ Ordinary Day’ are released on Friday on Be Crazy Music, giving you the chance to pick up two tracks that have made a huge impact on the Ibiza summer so far. Jean Caude Ades returns to Lio on Thursday August 3, where he will be joined in the booth by legendary producer/ DJ Joe T Vanelli.

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Jean Claude Ades/ Be Crazy Ibiza