Audio Mogul Presents Pioneers Of Production Course

Posted on February 16, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

Audio Mogul is a creative collective that explores electronic music production, Ableton live courses, sound design, culture, coffee, and cacao. The brainchild of Ibiza resident Gavron McKenzie – acclaimed producer, audio engineer, former nightclub owner, DJ (DJ for the Leeds Festival dance stage for 11 years) and iconic skateboard shop manager in Glasgow in the mid-90s. Audio Mogul is as a place to combine collective creativity and influences across a variety of genres and cultures.

Drawing inspiration from the tight-knit family model of successful skate giants such as Palace, Supreme, and Thames, Gavron has invited a core selection of creatives to join him, resulting in the core of Audio Mogul and its ability to function across numerous outlets. As a brand, it’s distinctive lettering, encompassing the A and M, represents several mountain peaks, depicting the constant struggle an artist must endure, all encompassed inside a tight circle, underlining the importance of the collective, the friendship and the determination to work together to reach the peak.


With multiple interests, that span a variety of products and services, Audio Mogul has its fingers in several creative pies! From the products that include high quality CBD oil, uniquely extracted and infused with a secret mixture of organic oils; the UK’s only 100% gluten, dairy, palm oil and soya free chocolate bars collaboratively made with Forever Cacao, made from the finest, ethically sourced Peruvian Ashaninka Cacao, and a totally unique coffee made from 100% sustainable sources in Guatemala, Brazil and Peru. The brand has also naturally moved into the ‘Music World’ starting with a range of organic clothing range, a vinyl only record label and an artist management agency (AM-AM), it’s hard to see how the guys at Audio Mogul find enough time in the day. All Audio Mogul products are available online as well as from an number of outlets, including Picadeli in Santa Gertrudi and Meke Coffee roasting outlets.

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With Gavron’s background in music production and engineering, a meeting with Ableton and a meeting with Phelan Kane (audio engineer for Moby, Depeche Mode, Placebo and others and also regarded as one of the finest Ableton certified Trainers in Europe); Gavron and Audio Mogul decided to create the Pioneers Of Production course, which launches in Ibiza on March 4th 2019. The course will offer 10 intermediate to advanced level students 40+ hours of creative exploration within an Ableton framework, including synth creation, beginners and advanced Push 2 Uses, Max for live, post-production techniques as well as a tour of the Metrica studios in Playa d’en Bossa, one of the only binaural and 3D sound studios of its kind in the world. Davide Munerato will be on hand to provide food and drink for all students, a private chef to some of the world’s biggest DJs as well as an accomplished DJ and producer in his own right, David is an integral part of the Audio Mogul team.

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The Pioneers of Production course is totally unique in its make-up and syllabus and is an invaluable opportunity for all artists, DJs, and producers looking to take their music production to a higher level. For all those interested in signing up for the course (limited spaces left), contact Gavron or Andrew on the information below. Further courses are scheduled for May and June.

If you would like more info on the course then please contact either Gavron or Andrew at Audio Mogul.
e: or
t: G: +34 685 308 173 0r A: +44 7951 190 626

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