All You Can Acid

Posted on June 27, 2016

Images: Renata Subic

The fifth night of Acid Sundays’ second season at HEART Ibiza made clear once again why the party is already so adored on the island. On Sunday, June 26 Trip V: All You Can Acid brought guests on a lucid acid trip through musical and visual dimensions unlike anything else in Ibiza.

That the party resonated deeply within its hailed and self-recognised tribe was clear already by the end of last season with Acid Sundays walking away with the DJ Award for best Ibiza Night. Having made a deep and definite mark in the scene, Acid Sundays has gone from nonexistent this time last year to having the whole of HEART packed before 1am. Bustling with excitement, everyone seemed eager to roll. As diners finished their first-class cuisine, fully immersed in the Technicolor setting, the space was cleared to let the flow of zealous lucid-trippers spill onto the dance floor under glow-in-the-dark esoteric symbols of myriad cultures hanging from the ceiling with atmospheric music filling the air.

Amante closing by La Skimal

Upstairs, the terrace had also undergone its Sunday acidification, turning into a faraway fantasyland with an exotic market and bizarre sightings. Already striking as it is, the multilayered terrace meandered into various areas, including an elevated grassy zone, while guests, including Acid Pauli, lounged and walked around the market stalls. Evident by the knife handlers, LED hula hoops dancers and tumblers casually making their way through the terrace crowd, all of HEART Ibiza’s entertainment is very much integrated with the public. With many just as outlandishly attired and further made-up by the onsite glam make-up artists, guests and performers were often indistinguishable.

Tess_Mike interview Ibizalovesfood by la skimal

Visually impressive any night, HEART further explodes in a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, abstractions, and unthinkable combinations on Acid Sundays. Projections and decorations of symbols, art, and miscellaneous iconography blend different cultures, time periods and parts of the world, bringing South American, European Renaissance, and Far East cultures together in a fully immersive ambiance that unifies the tribe. Remarkably talented DJ Giovanny Aparicio reflected this vibe in his extraordinary set. Having DJ’d at Burning Man’s Camp Ibiza and being resident at Casa Malca in Tulum, he put forth a variegated set that had everyone dancing even beyond the dancefloor. A mix of everything progressive deep-tech-house with dabs of chanting and tribal beats, his Colombian influence also shone through. With Guy J’s ‘Stolen Memory’ (Guy Mantzur Remix), a couple tangoed on the stage surrounded by UV-painted dancers doing splits in a most suggestive performance. Fortunately, Giovanny will be on the island quite often this summer, for those who didn’t have a chance to catch him last night, he is one to watch.

Amante closing by La Skimal

As a dancer twirled around turning her skirt into a flower, kaleidoscopic figures blended into each other on the walls-turned screens, the crowd enthusiastically saluting Giovanny. When Acid Pauli took to the console at 3am, coulourful dancers onstage put on a live hallucination of a ballerina tied in ropes being pulled by men in foil skirts that turned into a blanket enveloping the whole scene. And Acid Pauli’s sound was just as captivating and wide-ranging, going from bouncy tech house to introspective melodies that turned the night into day as the flood of people who regularly attend the evening danced the night away. No wonder this party is already an island favourite, an utter celebration of one’s individuality where anything and everything goes.