A Beautiful Day Out With Bohemian Boats

Posted on August 28, 2017

Images: Tamara Sini

When our friends at Bohemian Boats offered us the opportunity to take one of their self-drive llauts out for the day, we jumped at the chance. The beautiful four and five seater boats allow you to take a completely independent excursion and discover the beautiful coves, waters and hidden spots of the White Isle for yourself. There are a lot of boat trips in Ibiza, but Bohemian Boats offers something totally unique, and we couldn’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

Our day started when we met with Zander, our friendly host and the co-owner of Bohemian Boats, on the bay of Cala Benirras. After he greeted us warmly, he took us out on a small motor boat to where our llaut was docked and helped us climb aboard. The llaut was surprisingly roomy and comfortable, and despite its authentic and delicate appearance, felt sturdy as we clambered aboard. It’s been prettily decked out with patterned cushions that put the ‘bohemian’ in ‘bohemian boats’ – beautifully contrasting the slick cream leather and polished wooden interiors.  Llauts are authentic Mediterranean fishing boats of which Bohemian Boats have acquired three, before kitting them out with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems and pretty much fail-proof engines. I was a little worried as I suffer with sea sickness but – spoiler alert – I needn’t have been concerned. The low and slow style of sailing cuts gently through the waves, and makes more for a pleasant, gentle rocking than the stomach lurching sensation I was so concerned about.

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Fresh from a road-trip across America, my recently reunited boyfriend provided the soundtrack to our excursion via the built in Bluetooth speakers – singalong indie and Britpop were the order of the day, offering something a little alternative to the usual Ibiza sound and surprisingly, creating the perfect sailing backing track. Wanting him to experience as much of the White Isle as possible during his week long stay, I encouraged him to play ‘Captain’, so Zander set about teaching him how to steer the boat and control the engine. The whole thing took about 10 minutes and then, seamlessly, we were off. Skidding over the turquoise waves at a pleasant speed, the water was so clear that you could see right to the bottom. As we blasted out belters that we all sang along to, the salt spray burnished our skin and stuck to our lips and hair and a couple of the bigger waves soaked us through – but we didn’t care at all. What a beautiful thing, to be out at sea in an informal, lovely and relaxed environment.

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And to anyone that’s a little nervous about the ‘self drive’ element, my sincere advice is do not worry one iota. Not only are you taught everything you need to know before you set off (and it’s really not complicated), but there’s GPS tracking, so Zander and Ben are keeping an eye in case you run into any trouble. If you run into hot water, all you need to do is call – they’re waiting on the bay and can be with you at basically any location within 20 minutes. That said, you won’t need them – the boats are steady, sturdy, relaxing and difficult to get wrong. Once we’d circumnavigated the stunning Ibiza coast – all the while admiring the view – we moored at Cala Xaracca for some serious nautical R&R. The roar of the engine quietened and we dropped anchor before taking in our stunning surroundings – echoey little coves, crystalline water and not a cloud in the sky. The canopy over the boat rolls back for sun worshippers, or keep it on for refuge from the blazing August sun. By far the most popular package, according to Zander, is a full day’s hire (8 hours between 10.00 – 18.00), and we can totally see why – it’s nothing short of blissful. Take a dip in the beautiful water and dry off on the sumptuous banquettes of the boat, listen to some music and simply spend some quality time with friends or family. For those looking for the full experience, the guys at Bohemian Boats offer a picnic for an extra €30pp, and it sounds divine – a chef-prepared vegetarian feast (carnivores can be appeased by prior request) of salads, quiches and quinoas, as well as all your water and soft drinks and – crucially – cava all round. Can’t say fairer than that.

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Wishing we’d been able to stay even longer, we set off back to Benirras to catch the locals’ weekly pilgrimage to the coast. At first, we chattered amongst ourselves as the boat zipped back along the coast, but fully content, relaxed and happy, we all eventually fell into a comfortable quietness, enjoying being at peace and one with the ocean. With the gentle rocking of the waves, the breeze in my face and the smell of sea air around me, I even shut my eyes for a little sleep on the way back. As any worker on the island can attest, August can be a slog – but I woke feeling rejuvenated and cheerful. We arrived back to our start point, and Zander came to collect us and take us back to dry land. As we thanked him for all his help and his wonderful hospitality, I felt genuine regret that I couldn’t do it all again. Walking back barefoot along the beach as the sun began to dip in the sky, we all agreed that a swift caña in Elements was the best way to ward off the impending boat blues. Thanks so much to Bohemian Boats for truly one of my favourite days on the White Isle – I’d happily do it every day.

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