Alternative Halloween In Malanga Cafe

Posted on October 29, 2019

Words: Jason Eybe

Halloween has Ibiza in a frenzy, getting costumes ready and steeling itself for one of the biggest nights of the year but not everyone is a massive fan of dressing up and getting involved and, if that’s you, then Malanga Café is offering a slightly alternative option for Thursday October 31. Jam Sessions returns to its weekly Thursday night slot, directed by Pere Navarro, offering a platform for the finest musical talent around the island.

Malanga Cafe

Thursday October 31 sees the jam Sessions return, resisting the temptation to go Halloween crazy but delivering a viable option for those that want to celebrate the public holiday without covering themselves in fake blood and make-up. jam Sessions is a popular event for Malanga Café, bringing the best musicians from on and off the island to deliver an intimate live music experience every Thursday night. If the only thing you want to hear go bump in the night this Thursday is the drum, then this is the one for you.