Ibiza Talents Returns To Lio

Posted on November 13, 2019

Words: Jason Eybe

Ibiza Talents returns to Lio Ibiza on Friday November 15, with Andy Baxter, Cristian Viviano, Eder Alvarez and Tom Pool taking over the booth. Lio celebrated its first winter season opening be revealing that Ibiza Talents would be Friday residents up until December 27 and the popular Ibiza party has already delivered some memorable moments. November 15 promises to be yet another must not miss gathering.

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The title of this party could not be more relevant, as it shines a light on some of the finest DJ talent that lives and works on the island. Its original philosophy of supporting and representing new talent from the White Isle has seen the emergence of a new generation of hone grown talent, many of whom are now featuring in the bugger parties during the season. The concept has evolved into a record label, boasting a productive collective of artists who are challenges existing parameters and pushing their sound. Ibiza Talents started life as a showcase for aspiring artists and has become one of the most influential collectives on the island.


if you were in Ibiza this summer, chances are you were dancing to the beat of Andy Baxter, Cristian Viviano, Eder Alvarez and Tom Pool. These DJs were at the heart of some of the finest parties, both in Ibiza’s stylish beach clubs and iconic clubs. During the winter season, the headline DJs have moved on and the home-based talent takes pride of place in the booth, showing they are as capable of rocking the party peak time as they are setting the tone. For residents on the island it is a win win situation; you get to support the next wave of headliners as they evolve, and you enjoy an electric party atmosphere along the way! Friday November 15 is the latest chance to catch Ibiza Talents in Lio Ibiza.

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