Ibiza Music

Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world; it’s the place where the finest DJs and producers come to test their new material on some of the most receptive and educated crowds on the planet. The short summer season on the island is the time and place where the tunes that will dominate dancefloors around the world for the rest of the year are discovered. For that reason, as much as it is a beautiful place to spend any time, the clubbing world descends on Ibiza for 16 weeks and attempts to capture the imagination, the hearts and most importantly the ears of a generation of clubbers as each label, DJ and producer attempts to elevate themselves above its peers.

Essentialibiza has become one of the foremost voices on the island in the short period of time since its inception, as well as providing an insiders guide to the island – from identifying the best beaches and covering all the action as it happens throughout the summer – Essentialibiza also offers a year round Ibiza fix for the millions that are addicted to the island and who count the days until they can return to this clubbing Mecca. As such, Essentialibiza dedicates itself all year round and follows the Ibiza brands, DJs and stars that make the summer what it is, even during the winter. As the premier Ibiza information website online, we offer a twelve month platform for DJs, producers and labels that want to make an impression on the masses that make Ibiza their home throughout the summer season.