Tucking Into Tasty Sunset Strip Delights At Fresh Ibiza

Posted on August 30, 2019

Words: Kane Allen

Images: La Skimal

Ibiza’s sunset strip boasts fine food and an even finer view. Its location is the perfect spot to gaze over the coast as the sun disappears into the water – now imagine tucking into some of the island’s tastiest food treats while doing so? There’s always the option to sit down and dive into a hearty feast, but – and especially on Ibiza – you may want something a little easier to settle, maybe before a big night out with your nearest and dearest. Fresh – part of Mambo Group – is the perfect pre-party and family-friendly dining option on the sunset strip. With beefy burgers, tasty chicken treats, delicious nachos and first-off-the-boat seafood; Fresh caters for all kinds of holidaymakers seeking a more relaxed dining experience. Essential Ibiza joined them for sunset at Fresh.

Beginning with some boozed to the brim cocktails, we sat back and enjoyed San Antonio’s glorious evening sea skyline. Sipping on a refreshingly tangy passion fruit Bacardi Mojito – as well as cheekily trying next seat’s mango Caiprioska – the sun began to vanish into the Mediterranean to cheers and claps by the sunset strip holidaymakers. Cocktails, smiles and one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets – what better way to spend an evening on Ibiza? Well, the food was still to come.

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With our bellies rumbling in anticipation, we opted for a tasty starter mix of loaded house nachos, Teriyaki marinated chicken fingers and creamy macaroni and cheese. Comfort food at its best. The nachos were topped with a punchy, yet refreshing guacamole, complemented by the sharp diced red onion and fresh tomato salsa. These were a delight to share (but I could have easily taken the lot, of course) and that’s what holidays are about. Social dining with a sunset backdrop. Also, top-tip, dunk the chicken fingers in the macaroni and cheese. No one will judge you. Promise.

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After filling-up on our hearty starters, we took a small break to enjoy the night-time scenery – actually, we didn’t. Bring on the mains. Fresh Ibiza is known for its Josper grilled burgers. It was only right we ordered one; cooked to our medium-rare liking. This was a real gourmet burger delight. The bread was perfectly soft, yet durable, where it soaked the succulent beefy juices. It was melt in your mouth stuff and highly recommended. Turning our attention to the Argentinian rib beef, we’d made it into a meat-filled paradise. Its tenderness was liquid-like and the classic chimichurri sauce was an ideal complement. Moving away from the meat, we tried the vegan Thai curry offering, full of natural vegetable goodness, coated in a rich red curry sauce, before diving into the Josper cooked Salmon with vegetables. Fresh Ibiza has everything for everyone.

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Putting our savoury stomachs to one side, it was time for dessert. I’ll admit: I’m not much of a dessert person. I’d much rather grab a chocolate treat on the way home and call it a day – but these little pockets of deliciousness have converted me. Serious. Breaking into the chocolate fondant and caramel volcano was like breaking through heaven’s gates. The fillings oozed as our open mouths dripped to the floor. I could have eaten them whole, one after the other, until their fillings leaked from my ears. A perfect way to finish-off a delightfully social occasion on the sunset strip at Fresh Ibiza.

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