The Best Of Seaside Lunches At Babylon Beach Ibiza

Posted on June 13, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Close your eyes. Envision your most perfect fantasy of a leisurely Ibiza summer’s day. Sun, a gentle seaside breeze, laid-back music drifting into your ear, the laughter of your friends and – of course – some refreshing drinks and mouth-watering food. If this is your idea of holiday heaven, then you should most definitely be knock-knock-knocking on Babylon Beach Ibiza’s door. Not quite an insider secret anymore yet still far enough off the beaten track, an afternoon spent at this super chilled coastal spot owned by Angie Vestey will score you plenty of brownie points with your dining companions.

While we spent our winters dreaming of lazy summer lunches, every year Babylon Beach Ibiza manages to top our memories from the previous season by consistently upping its game – yet not straying too far from its success recipe. A relaxed ambience, soulful music, artisanal cocktails and delicious plates plus a welcoming team that has a sixth sense for when your wine glass needs topping up without being intrusive – it’s a winner all round!

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We enjoyed the first of what will undoubtedly become many more Babylon Beach Ibiza get-togethers and were welcomed back with open arms. Having earned our complete trust over the years with an almost telepathic ability to spot our culinary needs before they have even fully formed in our mind, ‘Mike the man’ was looking after us for the day and immediately set us up with some thirst-quenchers: one superfood smoothie made with avocado, pineapple, coconut milk, passion fruit and lime, one life-reaffirming spicy Bloody Mary with a potent kick of vegetable-infused vodka, and an elegant Fleur de l’Amaurigue Côtes de Provence rosé wine for the rest of the table.

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It wasn’t long before Babylon Beach Ibiza’s legendary homemade pizza bread arrived at our table, drizzled with olive oil and topped with rosemary, sea salt and sundried tomatoes. As always, the challenge was to snap up enough slices to satisfy the carb craving we have hankered since our last visit, while not spoiling our appetite for the feast to follow. Thankfully we didn’t need to wait long before our starters arrived, the first a gorgeous plate of chunky home-smoked Norwegian salmon slices served alongside buttermilk and dill sauce as well as crispy breadsticks to be dipped into homemade miso butter. Drool!

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In a bid to sample as many dishes as possible, we applied a ‘sharing is caring’ philosophy and tucked into generously-laden pork tacos, the juicy meat perfectly prepared with a crispy crust of skin, as well as a tender ‘piri piri’ chicken kebab with a delicious charcoaled edge served on a light and crunchy bread with a homemade yoghurt dressing, red onion slices and crunchy red cabbage slaw.

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Enjoying the view on the sparkling blue sea in the background, we thought we couldn’t be happier but we were proven wrong when our mains arrived. The fresh cod fillet was so tender it melted in the mouth and accompanied by ‘cuisine’ peas with the perfect crunch and hearty pieces of crispy bacon – a posh take on the classic British dish, if you will. The trendy Hawaiian Poke Bowl with tender chunks of raw tuna, wakame, bonito shavings, edamame beans and sesame seeds served atop sushi rice was a favourite we remembered fondly from last summer, while, on the other end of the spectrum, a doorstopper burger oozing with meat juice and molten cheese, and balanced between two fluffy brioche buns, was instantly labelled ‘food porn, in the good way’.

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Just about ready to sneak off onto one of the inviting sunbeds and snooze in the sea breeze, we were stopped in our tracks by the arrival of Babylon Beach Ibiza’s take on the classic frangipane tart; topped with seasonal fruit that will change throughout the year on a generous helping of custard and accompanied by a heavenly dollop of red berry sorbet… Our foodie dreams thoroughly fulfilled, we are pleased to say that once again, Babylon Beach Ibiza went above and beyond in spoiling us – and continues to stay right at the top of our recommendations list!

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