Step Into The World Of RUMORS

Posted on August 24, 2015

Words: Abby Lowe
Images: Tamara Sini.

If I hear one more person say that summer is almost over, I will not be held responsible for my actions. Likewise, if anyone asks me what my plans are for winter I’m going to hit them round the face with a tuna. It is only the end of August, there are still weeks of summer left – everybody just calm down and stop panicking, please – end of season related hysteria is not yet necessary (I’ll cue you up when it is). And if you need proof of that, just head to Playa d’en Bossa on a Sunday night, where every man and his dog has descended, perhaps to forget that another week is looming on the horizon, or more likely to head to BEACHOUSE for Guy Gerber’s RUMORS party, because such is the strength of its reputation, it draws people from far and wide for the whole of summer. Note: the whole of summer.

Beachouse Rumors 03
Beachouse Rumors 04

RUMORS is a party founded, unsurprisingly, on word of mouth. It’s not about the marketing, it’s not about the names, it’s not about the girls in teeny tiny outfits dancing seductively on podiums – it’s about the music. It’s secured a place on the island’s popularity list thanks to a dedicated band of followers who turn up each week just to see Gerber and guests in action; those who go to BEACHOUSE to realise their musical ideals and ambitions and to get lost in the hypnotic music. Friends share their experiences with friends, who share their experiences with friends, and before you know it you’ve got a bona fide phenomenon on your hands.

Beachouse Rumors 05
Beachouse Rumors 06

So this lack of pretension is exactly why Sundays in Playa d’en Bossa are jam-packed with party goers who’ve all come to dance with the sand beneath their feet, the stars above them and the hope of catching just a glimpse of that whimsical Gerber magic. And this Sunday past was no different. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and as ever, people were keen to turn their backs on a mundane end to the week in favour of cutting some moves on the beach. Veteran DJ, Behrouz is lending a hand today, drawing the crowds early doors. But it’s Gerber who everyone has come to see, as you can tell by the whistles that reverberate through the crowd when he appears.

Beachouse Rumors 07
Beachouse Rumors 09
Beachouse Rumors 10

As ever, he’s on fine form, effortlessly weaving a spell on everyone who dances helplessly in front of him. Haunting, melodic vocals are lain atop deep, throaty bass, and mystical, exotic sounds bare the focus of otherworldly anthemic tunes. Layer upon layer of sound creates the kind of aural paradise that’s come to be expected of Gerber, yet again proving he’s unique when it comes to building dizzying crescendos and dreamy drops. Watching him play is a bit like observing something through a window, you’re looking in as a bystander, unknowingly moving a limb here and subconsciously shaking a hip there. You’re at the mercy of the music, transported to a different world – where not a single person is contemplating the inevitable end of summer.

Beachouse Rumors 12
Beachouse Rumors 14