Inhalar Bar Blows Open Its Doors

Posted on May 26, 2018

Images: Tamara Sini

Clad in a subtle cloud of vapour, the port of Ibiza Town was alive last night as brand new concept bar Inhalar blew open its doors to an eager and inquisitive crowd that was clearly buzzing to see what the hype was about. Inhalar is a brand new ‘detox-retox’ bar concept, brought to the White Isle by the hugely successful UK Vape shop brand Vaporized. Spot on for Ibiza, with a vape shop and Ibiza’s only oxygen bar to boot, the venue offers a ‘detox’ from the night before with a selection of delicious smoothies, healthy food, homemade juices and health shots whilst your ‘retox’ is assured by an extensive list of delicious cocktails and some of the best island DJs spinning the turntables until the early hours.

When I arrived at Inhalar, the opening celebrations were already in full swing. The bar takes its prime location in the heart of Ibiza Town a mere puff away from the marina with the bustling restaurants and shops around. There is no mistaking the presence of Inhalar as it stands out on the street in a glow of purple and white neon lighting with the huge statement letters spelling out its name illuminated by the impressive lit-up triangle design behind. The terrace area in front offers plenty of tables and comfortable seating, perfect for hanging out with groups of friends whilst sipping a cocktail or a cool beer.



As I made my way inside, guests were already getting lively to the groovy sounds of DJ Jean Cedric who was skilfully spinning some cool beats from the booth. The bar area inside is delightfully spacious, allowing enough room for those moments when you can help but burst into dance, something that had already happened with some of the early arrivers. The bar itself is a mixologist’s haven, with an vast collection of premium spirits, liquors and malts invitingly displayed along the highly polished glass counter. Abundant displays of citrus fruits, accompanied with cocktail ingredients such as bitters, syrups, spices and sugar cubes are crammed into crystal-cut glassware and cocktail shakers. The possibilities are endless and delicious!



I was happy to meet Martin, who is the head honcho and cocktail creator at Inhalar. With his vast amount of experience and knowledge, which has enabled him to create each individual cocktail that you see on the menu himself, I was in the hands of a true connoisseur. With temptingly-named creations such as the Spicy Maggie and the Voodoo Colada beckoning me, I was delighted when he invited me to try one of his concoctions. He suggested the Espresso Martinut, the perfect hit to kick off my evening, and of course he was spot on. The combination of vanilla-infused vodka, Kahlua, macadamia nut and fresh coffee was a burst of energy for my senses and it certainly packed a punch!




Cocktail in hand, idecided to explore the rest of the venue, setting off on the stair climb where the vape and oxygen bar were waiting. One section of the room displayed 12 conical glass flasks, each one bubbling away with a combination of water, filtered air and individual essential oils. The other side of the room is occupied by the Vape bar, containing hundreds of different flavours and strengths of liquid Vape, and at least 50 different electric Vape machines. I was guided towards the oxygen bar by Bryan, who was on hand to pass on his expert advice. I first decided to try a recommended five-minute blast of oxygen with my chosen essential oil being lavender, and with the thin disposable tubing placed over my head and into my nostrils I was ready to go. Five minutes later and I have to admit that I did feel clear-headed and very relaxed, I could see myself making a habit of this experience!



Next, Bryan explained to me the Vape concept, which until now I wasn’t really up to speed with. Vape is essentially an alternative to smoking and an easier way to withdraw from nicotine. The vape machine comes in all different sizes, the bigger the tank the bigger the cloud of vapour. The vape liquids are offered in lots of different flavours, from tobacco to fruity combinations and even desserts! There is surely no better way to give up smoking than this. I decided to try the experience for myself and chose from a selection of eight different vape machines – there was a varoety to pick from, incuding ‘Tuned-Up’ and ‘Solar Overdrive’ to name just two but I took a chance on ‘Aurora’, a quick press of the black button and a few seconds later I was breathing in the heady aromas of mango and papaya. As it hit the back of my throat I was slightly alarmed by the sensation but that didn’t stop me as I swiftly leaned in for another fruity hit. I liked it, in fact I liked it a lot and I am convinced that this is a healthier option than my annoying ocasional social smoking habit that I seem to adopt each time I have a glass of wine in my hand.




By now the bar downstairs was alive and full of revellers, most of whom were busting some impressive moves in front of the DJ booth to the funky beats of resident Justin Harris. As the venue reached capacity, with many spilling out onto the streets to enjoy their delicious cocktail creations in the breezy evening air, I decided I had time for one more lesson in ‘retoxing’ with another one of Martin’s delectable cocktails! Inhalar is open six days a week from Tuesday until Sunday, opening at midday and staying open until 3.00am.

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