Fatboy Slim Soundtracks A Perfect Pete Tong Blue Marlin Ibiza Sunday Session

Posted on July 11, 2019

Words: Kane Allen

Pictures by Gabriel Escalofrios and Daniel Coccolo

Pete Tong and his Blue Marlin Ibiza Pete Tong Sessions have become essential Sunday entertainment on the White Isle. Throughout the season, the legendary DJ and broadcaster invites some of the biggest and most talented names from the industry. For this early July day-to-night in Cala Jondal, Tong brought along the everlasting Fatboy Slim to help him soundtrack his idyllic evening residency at one of the world’s best beachfront entertainment hotspots. Here’s how it unfolded when the British dance music king came to Blue Marlin Ibiza.

With the sun blazing and good spirits strengthening, it seemed everyone was out early for this one. Pete Tong Sessions are one of Blue Marlin Ibiza’s most popular residencies – and with Fatboy Slim on the invite list, it was set to be one the busiest and best evenings of the season. With a perfect mix of international music lovers in attendance, the atmosphere throughout this special beach venue and restaurant was joyous and infectious; fitting to Fatboy Slim, who’s known as one of the most charismatic and energetic performers in the industry.

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Handed with the sunset set responsibility, Fatboy Slim – of course, wearing one of his characteristic funky shirts – was ready to pump out his first Ibiza show of the season. Where better than at Blue Marlin? The Cala Jondal beach hotspot is nestled perfectly in the south of the island, where the super-yachts and mega-rich come from all corners of the world to experience a very different kind of Ibiza. Its food is world-class, its clientele is high-spirited and its Pete Tong sessions are the perfect way to cap-off a paradisal weekend on the White Isle.

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With his shoes off and smile beaming, Fatboy Slim entered the booth to cheers, grins and all-round good vibes. Known for his versatility from the behind the booth, the Right Here Right Know big beat star had all kinds of musical goodness lined-up for us in attendance. His classic Praise You mixed expertly with a You’ve Got The Love vocals opened the evening perfectly, but it was a newer The Cube Guy’s remix of D.H.S’ House Of God that had spirits reaching the heavens. Fatboy Slim was, as always, on his best form.

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Pete Tong’s Sunday Sessions carry-on until September 29th, where the radio broadcaster invites some of his superstar industry pals to play at Blue Marlin Ibiza every weekend. You could always head to the Cala Jondal coast early and experience some of the finest and freshest food not just on the island, but in the world. Check below for reservation options and more information.

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