Freeing Your Full Potential At Sir Joan

Posted on February 9, 2018

Words: Jason Eybe

Are you reaching your full potential? Hmm probably not I tell myself, but now I have a great opportunity to change all that. Starting on March 8, the stunning 5-star Sir Joan hotel Ibiza opens its doors to host a transformational learning retreat with Nina Fisher, for anyone wanting to indulge in some serious “me time” (Oh go on then).

Sir Joan 1

The program aims to help one learn how to reach the full potential of the mind, body and brain (as well as making the most of the beautiful surroundings and service that this incredible hotel has to offer) sounds good? Then this is the retreat for you. Nina Fisher Is a systematic and transformation coach, through her experiences and knowledge as a yoga teacher and coach for leaders and professionals Nina’s goal is to guide and enable the people she is working with to accomplish realisation and their full potential.

Sir Joan 2

This holistic program combines exercises, lectures, tools, experiences and self-learning which will be translated into a practical individual framework for effective purpose into everyday life.
The program will cover, how to reach your expanded vision through insights and clarity; realise higher awareness and self-consciousness; regain full presence in your body and access new perspectives by taking responsibility for your body, feelings and behaviour. Now, if you feel as I do like giving yourself a pat on the back for surviving the January slump then go ahead… it would be churlish not too!

950 Euro per person
750 Euro per person
(double occupancy)

Including breakfast
Including Sir Explore experience

For more information and bookings contact:
t: +34 871 18 25 25

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