Inkadelic Tattooing

Why do we get tattooed? There was a time when having tattoos was considered rebellious and anti-social, nowadays everyone from teenagers, surf dudes, musicians and suburban housewives boast some form of ink. What has brought on this modern day fascination with decorating our bodies? Is it celebrities – music and sports or maybe the slew of docudramas set in tattoo parlours from Miami and LA, whatever it is, a tattoo has become more than a rite of passage and we’ve come to Inkadelic in Ibiza Town to ask celebrated tattoo artist Neil Ahern what he thinks.

Neil Ahern is a tattoo artist with 20 years under his belt in his Inkadelic shop in the Plaza Mercado Viejo in the heart of Ibiza town. Inkadelic is set in the corner of the merchant square with the smell of fruit and vegetables from the stalls and numerous cool cafes around it, the entrance leads to a stair with skulls on each side of the railing and a huge skull painted on the wall facing you, before we’ve even climbed the stairs we get the feeling that this is a proper tattoo parlour. Not the holiday assembly line that can be found in most resorts around the world but a steeped in history, dyed in the wool tattoo shop, righteous and proper where quality work has been performed on informed clients for over two decades.