Jonathan Ulysses Takes Flight

Posted on September 7, 2014

Jonathan Ulysses is one of Space Ibiza’s longest serving residents, someone who has overseen countless dancefloors going off over the years. This summer he has found a new challenge within the weekly schedule of the club, taking over Terrace duties every Monday for Cafe Ole. With a busy summer schedule, he still finds time to operate Ulybug, his own label that has already delivered one of the biggest tunes of the summer – ‘The Flight’, with plenty of more planned for release throughout the rest of the year. Jonathan talks to us and gives us the lowdon on his new residency and his plans to build the label…

Cafe Ole 3

2014 has brought a change in your Ibiza residencies, where can we see you play?
Yes this is correct I am now resident at Café Ole, I am loving it there at the moment. I play on the terrace all night and I am playing some really different music. I start the night with some mellow, deep sounds then move to into the main part of the night with some garage infused house with some chunky basslines. I like to end the night with some Ibiza Classics. The party is great because it has had artists like Dita Von Teese, Chus and Ceballos, Ultra Nate, House South Brothers, Crazibiza and many more. I am really enjoying the freedom that Café Ole gives me.

How have you found the change?
I have adapted really well to the change as I have been Space resident for 18 seasons, the longest resident in the clubs history and I have played in all the rooms. In the old days you would always have to be prepared musically for anything just in case you were asked to play music outside of your usual style and in those days it was mainly residents that played the long sets before and after the headliners and now I am back playing long sets, I can take people on a journey and not just play short hour or half hour sets where you are rushing to get all your big tracks in before the next DJ comes on. I can really take my time and think five or six tracks ahead. I can also bring some smaller, unknown local DJs that would usually never get a chance to play in Space. There are a lot of talented DJs in Ibiza and I like to help them out when I can. Recently I brought in one of the guys from my label Ulybug, Sam Dungate, and we went back to back all night and the crowd just loved the sounds that we were putting down. The night was a great success

Is it fair to say Ulybug has stepped up a level this year, there seems to be much ore happening with the label?
Yes I have just released my own track called ‘The Flight’, which has had support from the likes of David Guetta, Michael Woods, Erick Morillo, Fedrico Scarvo, Danny Howard, Prok and Fitch and local guys like Jason Bye, Tom Crane and Camillo Franco. The response has been incredible as we are just a small music label and we do not have the big budget that most labels have but a lot of DJ friends are showing support. Our previous release from Sam Dungate had a great remix package from the Dolly Rockers and the Souljackerz and again we got some great reactions and a lot of radio play across the globe. Our next release is from the Souljackerz called ‘Scatterbrain’ and we are hoping for the hype to continue. We want to introduce new and talented artists to the label, as there are some great artists that are not really getting a look-in in this industry. I hope we can make that small change to get their sound out there.

Cafe ole 1

Which tracks have been working for you on and off the island?
My top five tracks at the moment are…
Jonathan Ulysses – ‘The Flight’ Original Mix
Sam Dungate – ‘Steel Drums (The Dolly Rockers Mix)’
Dale Hooks – ‘Organ Grinder’ Original Mix
Ten Walls – ‘Walking With Elephants’ Original Mix
Billon – ‘Special Extended Mix’

Do you still spend as much time in Ibiza as you used to or have you DJ commitments that drag you off throughout the summer?
I like to spend as much time as I can in Ibiza but I do have other commitments outside of Ibiza. So far I have been to Germany and Austria three times, the UK four times and Italy once. I think that it is good to do other things outside of Ibiza as this way, once you return for the winter months; you have a full catalogue of work that shows that you have not just been bumming around in Ibiza. It’s also a good chance to showcase some of the promos that you have been testing throughout the Ibiza summer.

You’re an Ibiza veteran, and have probably explored every inch of the island; what are your three must do activities for anyone visiting for their first time?
I think the three things that you must do are, one – see an Ibiza Sunset and there are many beaches and bars in San Antonio that you can do that. San Antonio is the only place you can see that Sunset going into the sea. Two – I would always suggest that you go to Es Vedra, it is a very spiritual place and will always surprise you with its beauty and calm energy. My last suggestion would be to go to Benniras and see the drummers parade on the beach on a Sunday as it is very captivating to see and hear the coming together of the percussion artists doing their thing so freely and openly on the beach as the sun comes down. You have many people from all over the globe coming together for one reason and that is music.

Cafe Ole 2

There seems to be an increase in free beach parties this summer, what are your thoughts on these gatherings popping up all over the island?
I think it is great! I have read article’s where people are saying that Ibiza has lost its spirit and that it has come to be a little expensive but events like this show that there is another side to Ibiza and that it is not all about the clubs. People like to dance under the sun and on the beach so it just increases the feeling of freedom in the island.

What have been the highlights of your season so far?
The highlight of the season for me would be playing at Café Ole every Monday and having the chance to do my thing and not feel limited in the music that I must play. Hearing my track ‘The Flight’ being played on Sonica Radio while driving my kids in the car and also finding out that David Guetta played my track on his radio show, which goes out all over the globe. I played alongside him at Space for We Love party a few years back when he had his first hit ‘A Little More Love’ and I was so pleased that he showed support for the track. Things like this come once in a lifetime and you must cherish them. I have made a lot of tracks and none of them have had the support that ‘The Flight’ has had so far. I hope the sales reflect that!

What should we be looking out for from the label for the rest if the year?
I will be releasing some more tracks, one of my main priorities at the moment is pushing the Ulybug label and I do not want to release on other labels for the time being. We also have tracks lined up by the Souljackerz, Matt Moore, Dale Hooks, Lee John, Photon Soup, Rio Dela Duna and I am hoping to do some collaborations with The Dolly Rockers, Jason Chance, Juan Kidd, Tim Cullen, Peter Brown, Jay C and a few other artists that I am keeping under my hat for now.

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What are your plans for the winter?
My winter plans are the same, I am doing some vocals for Rio Dela Duna’s new album, I will be doing the rounds at ADE, I will continue to tour the label and as myself around the globe – Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, India, Germany, Italy France and the UK and I will be trying to take the label forward but still introducing new artists and getting music ready for the summer of 2015.

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