Curtain Falls On Mosaic Debut Season

Posted on October 8, 2016

Images: La Skimal

One of the major revelations in Ibiza this season, Mosaic has quickly become an island favourite, walking away with a major award and wowing anyone who experienced it. From setting record party marathons around the island to providing a new flavor to Tuesdays, Maceo Plex’s Mosaic has firmly established itself in the island’s imaginary after only one season. On top of his personal talent, Maceo Plex also demonstrated his penchant for identifying and presenting diverse electronic music talent, doing so one more time at the official closing for this season.

Multipart structures towering over the dancefloor, even Pacha looked like a mosaic of geometrical shapes, lights and shadows, with the increasingly recognisable Maceo Plex logo suspended in the middle. Traditional disco balls and mirrored postmodern distorted interpretations of them hanging low above the crowd, the club was as busy as any other night this season. After Oswald’s opening set, Pachanga Boys took the super club head on. The duo, Superpitcher and Rebolledo, brought on a booming dark, deep electronica, their distinctive sound reverberating through the dimmed club. Like the ambiance, the dancers appeared as darkened representations of the past and present. In knee-high latex boots, draping black capes of half broad skirts, black and purple corsets, long fringes, pumped shoulder pads, and faceless headpieces, they danced above the crowd, one of them on the DJ booth, as they led the revelers into Mosaic’s closing night. Also bursting with activity, the Prism Room saw Maars open the night followed by Agents of Time and their thumping experimental techno pounding away in the reimagined room.

Amante closing by La Skimal

Up next in the main room, was DJ Koze, shifting to a different facet of electronica and turning it up a notch in the process. With a bouncy reworking of his own ‘All The Time’, his set took a compelling tribal turn that kept the dancefloor fully engaged and shaking without respite. In a fusion of tribal house and techno, DJ Koze brought out yet another piece of Maceo’s Mosaic, stretching the scope of electronica further still. Hypnotic, hip-shaking and accelerated rhythms propelled the energy-filled dancefloor as the season came to a close. Ending with his own remix of ‘Soy Como Soy’ and a sick reworking of ‘Sing It back’, DJ Koze delivered a brilliant set that captured the crowd to the point that a technical glitch did not move them an inch.

Mosaic_maceo_plex_essentialibiza_2016_by_la_skimal007 (1)
Amante closing by La Skimal
Mosaic_maceo_plex_essentialibiza_2016_by_la_skimal010 (1)

While Gardens of God, took over the Prism with a powerful groove, Maceo Plex came on nice and strong in the main room. Only a few sides of the geometric structures lighting up above the crowd, Maceo went at it hardcore with his blend of electronica, techno and house, laying it out as he has been doing consistently all summer. Sometimes bordering on psychedelic and Detroit sound, his set also harked back to the engendering techno of the 90s. With sporadic lyrics and melodies also adorning his rich set of galloping basslines and banging techno, Maceo brought deep moments as well, as the crowd danced away for the rest of the final night.

Mosaic_maceo_plex_essentialibiza_2016_by_la_skimal017 (1)
Tess_Mike interview Ibizalovesfood by la skimal
Amante closing by La Skimal

As promised, Maceo’s new night and concept delivered a mosaic of techno, house and electronica to the island. From the pre-opening party to the official closing party, Maceo Plex’s Mosaic has consistently been at the top of its game. With the official closing now over and done with, Maceo sure isn’t. Besides yet another smashing afterhours, next week will see him say goodbye to the island with an extended closing, free for residents, before he goes on to take his mosaic of electronic music around the globe until next summer.