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Posted on January 27, 2014

Over two decades ago Scott Gray began studying art and design but life got in the way and the arrival of his first child meant he had to look to a more sensible and steady revenue stream behind a desk in an office. In 2011, however, life intervened yet again, and a decision to spend summer seasons in Ibiza ignited his passion for art and he began to draw once again, and Chapter, his artistic alter-ego, came to the fore. The distinctive Chapter artwork can be seen in Urban Spaces hotel in Ibiza Town, was featured in the Pacha magazine, was one of the outstanding exhibits at the recent Urban in Ibiza in 2013 and shortly will be on the bodywork of one of the Ducks United rent-a-cars, the colourful mobile art canvas’ that can be seen driving around Ibiza throughout the summer. Chapter’s unique artwork lends itself perfectly to a range of t-shirts, which will shortly be available from Echoamano in Salinas and he is also working on a new range of silk scarfs. We caught up with Chapter to get an insight into his journey to Ibiza and what we can expect from him in 2014…

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How significant was your decision to relocate to Ibiza in you finding your art again?

Massively, without doubt it was the trigger. We came here to discover new experiences and I re-discovered the artist inside me. Ibiza is such a cauldron of creativity plus the peace and quiet of the Ibizan winter affords you valuable time. In the winter of 2012 I began to draw, which rapidly lead to a new direction in my life. After 20 years of working in an office environment, I never imagined this.

In what ways is Ibiza a creative influence in your art?

It’s hard to put a finger on it and I’m not really the hippy type but there are ‘vibes’ here man! Firstly, it’s an incredibly beautiful Island, as everybody knows, but I think it also has a lot to do with the people here. Ibiza has always attracted interesting and bohemian characters and that certainly continues to be the case. I’ve always felt that I can truly be me here and self-expression is not only appreciated but encouraged on the Island.

You took part in the most recent Urban In Ibiza exhibition/ event, how important is that kind of gathering in showcasing new and existing talent on the island?

Inspirational – I was really honoured that Dizzi and his team had me on board for such a prestigious event, and exhibiting alongside artists like Inkie, Schoony, Zeus, Fin Dac, Banksy (I could go on!) was really humbling. It’s a very valuable event for all concerned and new talent is always encouraged and the support by the team and the other artists is incredible.

Your connection with that crew also took your art to the Houses Of Parliament, as part of the Smile Britannia exhibition/ auction, and on to Fatboy Slim’s mantle piece, tell us about that…
Again I was very privileged to be involved, it all felt a bit surreal to be honest. Jonny Lee from Last Night A DJ Saved My Life foundation asked me to design something for this charity event. So I came up with ‘Smile’. I went to the event with my wife and Schoony (an old school friend and a fellow artist). His sculpture, ‘Boy Soldier’, had been rejected by the powers that be for it’s anti-war sentiments. He had a pocket-sized version of ‘Boy Soldier’ that he kept photographing inside Parliament. He nearly got thrown out! Between us all we raised over £85k for charity and a piece of Banksy wall went for £26k. Prior to the event I made two versions of ‘Smile’. I knew Norman Cook collected smily art so my pals Chris and Amanda from Hidden put me in touch with him. When we delivered the piece to his house, he was lovely and invited us in for a nice cup of tea!


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We noticed your twin cherries design in the Pacha magazine this summer, working on one of the most iconic club symbols must have been enjoyable?

Yeah I loved it! It was organised by the Urban In Ibiza crew to promote the exhibition by celebrating 40 years of Pacha in Ibiza. Working on the most iconic logo in Ibiza was quite challenging and I really wanted to represent what going to a night in Pacha felt like.

You’re artwork has now evolved into a clothing range, where did that idea come from?

Actually when I first got back into art, t-shirts were very much on my mind. I think my style, described as ‘pop- gothic’, lends itself to t-shirts. I had a limited amount made last year and sold the lot, some via Facebook and word of mouth and some at Echoamano in Salinas. Last month I designed some silk scarves that were produced in Italy, which has turned into a really cool project.

What pieces do you have at the moment and where can people get a hold of them?

I have silk scarves available now and in spring a range of t-shirts for men and women will arrive. You can get your grubby mitts on these via my website or by mailing me directly. And from May, you’ll also find my stuff here in Echoamano, Salinas.


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How satisfying is it seeing someone wearing a piece of your art?

Very satisfying. It’s means a lot that people want to actually wear my stuff.

You’ve also recently designed a tattoo for Chris Edwards of Hidden Bar, how did that come about and is that another direction you are looking to go?

He asked if I could modify one of my skull designs incorporating a cocktail element into it. It was amazing to actually see it on someone’s skin. I wouldn’t say it’s a direction that I’m looking to go in, but I am asked quite often so who knows?

How exciting was it working on the artwork in Urban Spaces Hotel?

Yeah very cool. It felt like my big break last year. When Ira asked me to do it, I said “can I put some big guns on your wall?” He said “yeah whatever you like, it’s your room”. Every artist in there had complete license to do what they wanted, which was exciting. And I got to hang out with some talented artists including Lauren Baker and Nicolas Dixon.


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What are your plans for 2014, where can we see more of your art?
I’m gonna be a busy boy! I’m planning a solo exhibition at the Black Door Cinema Club in the spring and I hope to have some work at the Urban In Ibiza 2014 event. Ducks United have let me loose on the bodywork of a C2V rent a car and I’m doing up the outside of a mate’s tour bus. Continued art classes at Laurelito Cafe for kids, with plans to hold some adult ones too. I’ll be continuing to produce art prints, new t-shirt and scarf designs throughout the year. Plus loads more, watch this space folks!

Can we buy Chapter art online?

You can at…
w: www.chapter-art.com
fb: Capter 
e: info@chapter-art.com

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