Hyte Celebrates Debut Season

Posted on October 5, 2015

Words: Abigail Lowe
Images: Hyte

In a surprise turn of events, I’m actually quite enjoying getting up in the middle of the night, parting with my PJs and jumping in my car in the freezing cold in order to cover all the closing parties. No one is more surprised by this than me – I’ve been consumed with anxiety about the amount of stamina these past two weeks were going to require – but actually it turns out you don’t really need stamina, because you end up flying through it on pure adrenaline. It’s kind of like having a constant supply of electricity pumping through your veins, so you surge from one party to the next and don’t really notice how much energy you’re expending. I suspect next week this will all catch up with me and I’ll hit a wall like a fly on a windscreen, but in the meantime, I think I’ll rinse it for all it’s worth. Which is exactly how I, along with the rest of the island, ended up at the HYTE closing party on Wednesday night. And yeah, I really liked it.


This summer has been Berlin-based HYTE’s inaugural year on the island, and the promoter wasted no time in making a stellar first impression. Its impressive line-ups – headed by the likes of Maceo Plex and Ibiza’s prodigal son, Loco Dice – were sure to cement it a strong reputation from the off, but with the inclusion of DJ powerhouses like Pan-Pot, Fritz Kalkbrenner, and Henrik Schwarz, as well as the legendary DJ Harvey, it’s no surprise it went on to establish itself as a Wednesday night essential. Couple that with its all-encompassing marketing campaign and it’s no surprise it became the island’s favourite new kid on the block. All that goes some way to explaining the roots of HYTE’s rookie success, but of course none of that would matter if the music itself wasn’t on-point – it’s the promise of dark, underground techno that draws people in their droves – and it’s this that on closing night makes the queue to get into Amnesia the biggest I’ve ever seen it. An army of black-clad revellers wait in line; keen to get inside for one final techno masterclass of the season.


One foot over the threshold we’re greeted by Mar-T and Cuartero, who are goading each other with a fierce b2b in the main room – the intensely loud sound system proving the perfect vehicle for whiplash sharp beats and precision drops. Over on the terrace DJ Tennis is belting out big room sounds to full affect, finishing his assault with the rousing melodies and dizzying crescendo of Jamie XX’s ‘Loud Places’ (Barnt E-Mix), albeit with the additional bonus of some guttural bass. And then it’s time for Pan-Pot, who immediately set to work at terrorising the terrace with a relentless stream of punchy, rolling beats and seriously rasping bass – for an hour and a half leaving us lost in a dancing hard haze. Things reach a screaming climax courtesy of Gregor Tresher’s ‘Goliath’, and we stare on, semi-paralysed by the intensity of it all – hands down it’s one of the closing sets of the season. And then Loco Dice takes us on the home straight with the kind of funky, bouncy beats you need in the early hours of the morning. I stumble out well before the end, lacking the energy required to go the full distance at this point of the season. Nevertheless, my knees hurt and I’ve lost my car – sure signs I’ve been at the mercy of a sense overload at its finest.