Chapter One

Posted on March 18, 2014

We are delighted to welcome Scott Gray, aka Chapter, to Essentialibiza, he will be blogging throughout the summer, keeping us up to date of his Ibiza antics and sharing some of his amazing art along the way…

Chapter EssentialIbiza Nic_Click Ibiza 2014   image02

Blimey mid-March already! Seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we saw the New Year in at DC10. Soon the Island will be full of migrant workers, tourists, clubbers, hawkers and house beats. I love the tranquility of the winter In Ibiza but I’m feeling ready for the summer madness. I know it’s still a few months away, but bring it on! It’s been a good start to 2014 with some nice little projects to get my teeth into. The lovely guys at Ducks United gave me one of their precious 2CVs to decorate. It was an artists dream as they gave me complete freedom to do what I wanted. I decided to have a go at some stencil art against a black background. The idea was to give it a traditional gypsy caravan appearance but with my own twist – eyeballs in the flowers, diamonds and skulls. I can’t wait to see it driving round the island once the Ducks United guys have done their finishing touches (and put the seats back!).


In December my first silk scarf designs came to fruition and I was overwhelmed with the response. I decided to have some spring/ summer lightweight scarves made, with designs to suit both men and women. I designed a jumbo paisley pattern. A close mate, Andrea (who I met here 16 years ago in Space) lives in Como, north Italy, which happens to be the home of the country’s silk processors. He introduced me to Alessandro who owns a cool silk company there called Stylesilk, who would have thought it – result! The quality of his work is beautiful and I’m already working on more designs for this season. I’ve got my first off-Island retailer selling Chapter scarves – Gypset Rock in Amsterdam and I’m now looking into suppliers in London and maybe Paris. Any suggestions welcome.


I recently held another kids art class at Laurelito Cafe in Jesus. I have to say, I really love doing it and the kids get right into it. The parents tuck into their lunch (and wine) while I get their kids to engage in spray can and pen art that’s not really available in the normal curriculum. I’ve had a few regular attendees, so I need to come up with some new ideas for the next one! Loads of the parents have been asking if I’ll do an adult’s class. I think due to demand I’m gonna have to put one on soon. I think it might turn into a bit of a drink-up somehow so it’ll be interesting to see what people come up with!


I’ve been working on some designs for both silk screen and digital prints and these will be available in the next few weeks. This ones being hand silk screened in London as we speak and should be here in a couple of weeks. Now I need to sit down with my mate Matt and get my website ready to display and move this stuff. Next month I’m hoping to put together a solo exhibition, and my t-shirt collection should arrive. Watch this space for more info.