Yann Pissenem: ‘I want clubbers to leave Hï Ibiza smiling’

Posted on April 26, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

The opening of Playa d’en Bossa super club Hï Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the most talked about and hotly anticipated events of the 2017 season. Taking over the iconic venue formerly known as Space, in the run-up to its inaugural party on May 28th so far the Ushuaïa Entertainment team has caused a buzz both on and off the island with its hip and edgy art work and, of course, the heavy-hitting line-up of international super star DJs as well as up-and-coming turntable talent.

This week, we were given the chance to witness dance music history in the making as we were invited to a guided tour of the still ‘under development’ clubbing destination and chat to Hï Ibiza owner and CEO Yann Pissenem. As the founder, partner and artistic director of Ushuaïa Ibiza, Yann needs no introduction to island residents, industry members and fans of the hugely successful brand, and, as you can imagine, time with him is as rare as gold dust. While we can’t give too much away, after being talked through the plans for Hï Ibiza, we can tell you that regardless of whether you’re feeling nostalgic for the venue that it once was, or itching to check out this latest addition to Ibiza’s clubbing landscape, it will be spectacular.


The club has received a complete makeover and has been modernised and streamlined to give music lovers the most effortless, uninterrupted and mind-blowing experience possible. As has been mentioned plenty of times in news coverage, everything has been designed with Hï Ibiza guests and their enjoyment in mind, while paying homage to the White Isle and the culture of clubbing itself. Each night has been programmed to be completely different from the others, which each DJ receiving a bespoke production that fuses jaw-dropping kinetic lighting effects and state-of-the-art sound. But is the driving force behind this epic new party hotspot nervous about the season ahead? Here, Yann tells us what it was like to take over such an iconic venue, how he put together the Hï Ibiza line-up and why every little detail – down to the toilets – matters to give clubbers the time of their lives…

What was it like to take on such an iconic club that meant so much to a lot of people?
It is a big responsibility. Equally, it’s also very exciting – and stressful – because it is such a big investment. But I’m happy and proud that I’m going do my best and work as hard as I can to make sure my team and I give the crowd the best experience possible.


It’s evident from what you have shown us today that everything has been created to maximise the party experience…
Exactly. The crowd in the middle of the dance floor is the heart of the party, and we have designed the structure so that the energy keeps flowing from the centre out to the rest of the room. For the party to unfold perfectly, you need to protect the area in front of the artist so it remains safe [i.e. uninterrupted by crossing guests or bar staff], because the people who will be dancing in the middle of the room from beginning to the end are really the soul of the party.

How have you achieved this?
The concept of the Italian theatre [similar in structure to a Roman amphitheatre or Italian opera with ascending booths surrounding the stage] works really well to protect this atom of energy. And we have created outdoor areas so people can step outside of the party for a while and really feel that they are in Ibiza. A lot of different people visit the island now and our goal was to present a venue that worked for everybody. We are trying to give the best experience to all of them via the music, via the flow of the layout and all the little details.

What was the thought process behind picking the residents for Hï Ibiza?
I tried to keep a balance throughout the week so each night would have its own identity. I didn’t want to repeat or over-saturate the programme, and, thinking about the kind of clients that visit our club by nationality, age and everything else to be able to offer something for everyone. Each DJ will have his own totally unique production and show, so guests can come back throughout the week and experience something different each time.


We have heard a little rumour that there will be surprises in the toilets?
Even toilets in Ibiza need to be a great experience and we’ve tried to design something truly special to make these visits unforgettable.

What are you hoping guests will say about Hï Ibiza when they leave the club?
I want it to be a total experience. You can’t have an unforgettably party if the music is not first class and the production is boring, or if you´ve lost your handbag at the end of the night. All these little details have got to come together. If people leave the club laughing and smiling, then that’s perfect. I want them to remember ‘Wow, what a great night’ and leave with the best memories.