Winter Sunset Hostal La Torre

Posted on January 8, 2018

Words: Iain Thomson

One of the iconic experiences of the Ibiza summer is the sunset, catching that moment that the sun eases beneath the horizon and darkness eases across the island. Winter brings a slightly earlier sunset but it’s no less spectacular, especially if you tie it in with dinner and cocktails at Hostal La Torre, open all year round. The popular destination, on the outskirts of San Antonio, is yet another reason why we love Ibiza out of summer season.

Hostal 2

Three kilometres from the centre of San Antonio is where you will find the rustic hostal, which, in truth, is more of a stylish boutique hotel, with a magical kitchen that makes great use of the Mediterranean ingredients it is surrounded by. The San Antonio sunset is one of the most revered in the world, and Hostal La Torre offers the perfect vantage point in which to enjoy it. One of the features of the hotel during the summer is the selection of world class DJs that offer a soundtrack to the sunset on a nightly basis. Its location on the coast, surrounded by nature, offers a grounding, almost spiritual sunset experience. With a view over Conejera island, this is one of the finest spots for the Ibiza sunset.

Hostal 3

There’s something very special about sunset in winter. The sky can go a particularly fierce red as day changes into night. On those occasions when the sun is out, a couple of extra layers is needed for the period after the sun disappears but, apart from that, you can enjoy the breathtaking view and the mouth-watering Mediterranean menu with friends and family. Weather permitting, the terrace is where we love to find ourselves, large gin in hand, cool beats setting the scene as an al fresco dinner becomes another sunset celebration. Indulge all of your senses and take the time to look around and celebrate the stunning beauty that the Balearic island offers.

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Hostal la torre by la skimal