Winter In Boat House Ibiza

Posted on December 8, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

There is no better time to explore Ibiza than winter. The traffic drops dramatically and, with more than our fair share of sunny days, driving off to discover a new island spot can be a great day’s adventure. While Cala Vincente is not the back of beyond by any stretch of the imagination, chances are it’s a place you haven’t checked out recently. If that’s the case, change that immediately and drop in to The Boat House Ibiza, a charming restaurant that will win your heart for sure.

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Open every day from 9.30 until 21.30, The Boat House Ibiza offers the perfect spot to relax, contemplate, unwind and, most importantly eat! The fantastic menu offers options for lovers of fresh fish, the finest cuts of meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluton free. No matter what your diet or food preference, there is a choice of dishes, all lovingly prepared and delivered to a picture-perfect beach setting. As you might expect, given the name, there is a nautical theme throughout, with fishermen’s nets on the ceiling, huge, thick ropes above the bar, oars and anything else you can associate with the sea. It is tastefully adorned and makes for a cosy, warm and welcoming theme.

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The atmosphere is laid back, something that The Boat House Ibiza has clearly put a premium on. This is a place to chill out, take stock and enjoy. The hammocks are a popular spot to relax, enjoy a coffee, read the latest chapter in your book, or just shoot the breeze with friends. The beach looks completely different, adding to the vibe considerably. Gone is the plethora of multi-coloured umbrella’s shading an army of tourists from the heat of the sun. Instead, a beautiful stretch of virgin sand just waits for you to add your footprints. Wander along the water’s edge and work up an appetite before dropping in for some lunch. It’s a popular meeting place, so there’s always a vibe, no matter when you visit. At night, the flames from the heaters add to the ambiance, lighting up the venue in a warm haze. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, plan your Cala Vincente experience soon, you will not be disappointed.

Information & Reservations:
t: +34 971 32 42 45

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