We Love Space Sundays 2014 Closes

Posted on September 29, 2014

Words: Emma Bennett
Images: NicJ.

We cannot believe how fast this season has flown by. It is almost the end of September and although we are looking forward to winter and lots of chill out time it is always sad to say goodbye to our favourite parties as they close for yet another year in Ibiza. This season has seen significant changes to club schedules and new venues have opened with varying degrees of success from celebrity-filled Vegas-style hotels to clubs that never quite managed to get off the ground. Ibiza can be very rewarding when you get it right but can be brutal when you don’t. The reason Ibiza stays so busy and keeps the clubbing tourists coming back year after year is because it is reliable. You will always have a good time in Ibiza and if you don’t then you must be doing something wrong. The promoters of the best parties know to keep the much-loved format of their night but inject a bit of excitement into the lineup or production. We Love Sundays, with Darren Hughes and Andrew Livesy still driving the concept, joined forces with Safehouse management for what turned out to be one of the most potent collaborations on the island.

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This summer the We Love team cleverly decided to take the party back to its original roots of day time clubbing by opening the Sunset Terrace from 4pm each Sunday and hosting a secret lineup of a DJs who would play until midnight when the Discoteca and Terraza would open up. The new concept ‘We Love Stripped’ proved incredibly popular from the start and on a Sunday afternoon you could drop down to Space and catch the likes of Just Be or Shaun Reeves on the decks plus appearances from the trusty We Love residents who are all of a strong calibre and can hold their own on a lineup full of headliners.

Space We Love Close 2014
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Tonight We Love Sunday at Space bows out for this season and so we head to the Sunset Terrace to catch the last DJs on before the party moves into the main club. Alfredo started of proceedings, but now Andy Baxter and We Love resident Ryan O’Gorman are back to back on the decks and are clearly having a great time up there. Ryan drops Luca Cazal’s Mariri and the energy in the room goes up a level; hands go in the air, heads are nodding and feet are stomping. Andy is really into it too and dances behind the decks as if he is on the dancefloor. After the last record is played we head for the main room where two more residents are showing the crowd exactly why We Love is a popular choice season after season. Jem Haynes and Jason Bye are holding court in the Discoteca with some seriously big beats and the clubbers eat up every bounce and every drop as two huge, yellow, acid smiley faces beam down on them. However this does not mean that the action on the Sunset Terrace is over. Stripped turns into the After Dark club and Mr Doris, Mo Funk along with A Skillz, Kevin Hutts and Dave Chambers go back to back all night dropping all sorts of tunes from different genres of music including drum and bass and hip hop, peppered with house classics.

Space We Love Close 2014
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Heading for the Terraza, which has been taken over by SKREAMIZM, where catch the tail end of Ben UFO back to back with Midland. Following this pair who have just filled the room with dark, bassey house (that went down a storm) is a young man who goes by the name of Skream. Skream was originally known in dubstep circles before he moved over to house. Anyone who meets him says that he is a big character and this is reflected in his musical style. Not afraid to turn his hand to any sound, his sets are varied and you can clearly hear the heavy garage influences in his tune selection. The energy Skream has behind the decks is infectious and he can often be found standing on top of the DJ unit encouraging the crowd to have it. This set is big, bouncy and exactly what the Terrace loves. Popping upstairs to the Premier Etage Iain Blevins is entertaining the packed chill out area as people in the tunnel chat or zone out losing themselves in the music. El Salon is being hosted by Lo Cura Lounge and Dave Phillips and Daisy Heartbreaker preside over the smoking area keeping the clubbers having a chillout happy and dancing.

Space We Love Close 2014
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Shooting over to the Discoteca, Radio One favourite, Annie Mac is in the middle of dropping ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ the MK remix, resulting in the main room going off to a track that is currently in the Top 5 most Shazam’d tracks in Ibiza – it’s official. Next up is Rudimental who has returned from storming the pop charts to power through a really cool set that has drum and bass influences running through it. Following Rudimental in the Discoteca is James Zabiela who has been playing for We Love Space for a over a decade now. The ‘technical jedi’ does not disappoint and is smashing the main room pummeling the dance floor with bass-packed tunes and haunting samples. We Love closing 2014 has been a journey with different sounds and styles coming together with an unbeatable atmosphere and although we are sad to see the party leave for another year we are already wondering what surprises it will have in store for us next year.

Space We Love Close 2014
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Space We Love Close 2014
Space We Love Close 2014