Victor Spinelli Presents His Crucifixion Series

Posted on December 10, 2019

Words: Jason Eybe

Ibiza based artist Victor Spinelli heads back to his homeland on Friday December 13 where he will present his Crucifixion Series – a surreal environmental art series – at the Xposed gallery on The Highline in Chelsea, New York City. The series will take the shape of five assemblage sculptures, using real animal skeletons on crosses, including a nine-foot American alligator, a walrus skull, a Lynx bobcat, a Rhesus Monkey and an African lion skull.


The premise of Victor’s Crucifixion series is the inability of humans to share our planet with our fellow sentient beings. With our dominance over the earth driving many species to extinction, Victor hopes to raise awareness and help bring a balance for a healthy cohabitation with all forms of life on earth. New York native, Victor Spinelli has spent several of his 20-year career in Ibiza, where he has become a celebrated multi-media artist. This year saw him take his iconic Diver Up concept to Burning Man, in the shape of an 8-metre tall incarnation.

Victor 02

After an early adventure in his hot air balloon, where he almost landed in the grounds of a prison, Victor decided to go travelling, with camera in hand. His initial skills behind the camera evolved into a passion for other multi-media platforms including film, commercials, music videos, documentaries and print campaigns, which seen him make his way to Ibiza, where he captured the essence of Manumission, one of the most famous parties on the clubbing capital. After a brief exit from the island he recently returned and in 2020 he will see him launch Spin Art Residency, its objective is to help bring awareness to our world’s population about the important issues on our planet, through art. In the meantime, check out the Xposed Gallery in New York City on Friday December 13 for Victor’s Crucifixion Series.

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