Ushuaia Closes Its Eyes

Posted on October 4, 2015

Words & Pics: Jodie DS

All good things must come to an end. Yesterday the time came that I closed my eyes for one last time at Ushuaia Beach Hotel. All the moments of the summer flashed before me and a gust of October wind sent goose bumps all over my body, sending a tear of happiness down my face. It felt like just minutes ago that I stood in the exact same position, when the five star hotel opened its doors in May. I opened my eyes to look around me to see hundreds of people there to say goodbye for 2015.

Ushuaia 10a
Ushuaia 08

The entry is always a grand walkway, for the closing it was by far the most impressive I have seen yet. There were nearly 100 old school rear projection televisions displaying images of eyes and the artists playing for the night, with spooky whispers and horror movie music . For the closing it was all about house and techno, drawing on artists that had played at ANTS and La Familia throughout the summer. When the line-up dropped a few weeks ago ticket sales went through the roof. With Eli & Fur, Apollonia, Joris Voorn, UNER, Agoria, Nina Kraviz, Los Suruba, Maya Jane Coles, Andrea Oliva and Nic Fanciulli, it’s not hard to see why! The stunning dancers in their blue leotards presented me with a pair of glasses to use later for the laser show, when you put them on it makes all the lights so much more vibrant and colourful. Unlike the normal start time of 5pm, doors opened at midday with stunners Eli & Fur. The new comers most known for their track “You’re So High” smashed it as usual dropping their latest hit “Your Eyes”. I love their melodies with sexy vocals and the occasional old school notes. Whether in the front row or the back, the sound was out of this world but for Spanish duo Delmar and Alvaro, better known as Los Suruba, I had to push my way to the front. The cheeky boys came up with their name basing it on the Portuguese word for “orgy”. I found this really funny and had to see them up close. They had a great energy and really got the crowd moving.

Ushuaia 09
Ushuaia 06
Ushuaia 04

Up next was Ibiza favourite UNER going back to back with Agoria. On the podiums in the swimming pool the beautiful dancers in metallic purple swimsuits put on an amazing show. As they danced behind them water sprayed in all different directions. To close the B2B set they played “Opus” by Eric Prydz, everyone had their phones in the air waiting for the moment the beat would drop. You could feel the track building up and when it finally did white confetti sprayed everywhere. I could now see Maya Jane Coles with her banging pink hair style setting up ready to start. As she came on the production on the LED panels changed to hundreds of little pills falling around her; it looked so cool. I was starting to get a little bit hungry though so I went to grab myself some express sushi and have a bit of a break from all that dancing and the sun. At this point it had occurred to me that shortly I was going to finally see Nina Ktaviz play her signature sound I had heard so much about. The Russian producer uses her own voice as an instrument!

Ushuaia 11
ushuaia closing party 2015 (20 of 30)

One of my favourite tracks of all time is Andrea Oliva’s remix of Luciano’s “Rise of Angel”. This is the reason I started following the ANTS resident. It was now almost dark and stars were slowly trying to peak out behind the clouds. I had to grab my jacket for the first time this season making me sad that the warm nights were gone and winter was around the corner. The bodies all around me however helped to keep me warm. The guys behind the La Familia parties were up next with Nic Fanciulli and Joris Voorn delivering another special B2B performance. I was so eager to hear Voorn’s track Homeland, it’s a track I have on repeat at the moment on my ipod; I love it so much. Their set was full of colour with fireworks and explosions of glitter leaving me covered. Before I knew it though trio Apollonia was up to take us through until the very end. Wow, what a party, more than 12 hours of non-stop house and techno was over! Ushuaia year and year is just getting better and better. All I can say is bring on 2016, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the famous open-air theatre.

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