Top Of The World

Posted on August 19, 2014

Words: Lena Kochetkova.

The season is not over yet, but it’s a no-brainer to guess what the most shazam’ed track of Ibiza 2014 will be: ‘Forget’ by Patrick Topping. Groovy, bouncy and with catchy vocals, it sounds equally perfect on the dancefloor, on the beach, on the radio, on an iPad… There is simply no gadget and no environment ‘Forget’ wouldn’t fit. Predictably, it was released on Hot Creations – the label whose philosophy is to make house music universally accessible without compromising a slightest bit with its quality. Pete Tong is known to be a big fan of Patrick Topping, the experts panel of Emerging Ibiza Festival named him the future talent, he has been nominated in the Best Newcomer of the up coming DJ Awards in Pacha Ibiza and literally every music magazine and blog is lauding Patrick and looking forward to his future productions.

But is it all due to just one hit? No, Topping became the most released artist on Hot Creations last year by churning out five EPs and reaching Beatport’s top position twice in two months. Very soon we all will be raving to his new remixes on ‘303 Love Story’ by Sidney Charles feat. Hector Moralez, ‘For The Terraces’ by Yousef and ‘Bloosh’ by Leon. Three more remixes are in the pipeline: for Denney, Waifs & Strays and PERSICA aka Darius Syrossian. The most exciting news for Ibiza was when Topping got an invitation to become resident DJ for the Paradise party in DC10, which happens to be his favourite club in the world ever. We had a chance to talk with Patrick about his distinctive sound, about that incomparable feeling of being a part of Paradise crew and how often the author of the most shazamed track of Ibiza 2014 uses Shazam himself…


What are your emotions when you hear Forget literally from every single speaker? Did you manage to get used to it, or do you still feel a tickling of excitement?
It’s getting mental now! I literally have texts and tweets everyday, from mates who are in Ibiza saying they just heard Forget here. It is so amazing!

When you finished working on Forget, was it obvious for you that it would become a massive hit?
Well, when it was finished, I knew it was one of my strongest tracks and I would start playing it out. Never did I expect it to be so big. As soon as I made it, I sent it to Jamie and he replied saying it was my best one yet, but I don’t even think he expected it to do as well as it is doing.

As a producer, you have a very unique and distinct sound. Where does it come from, what are your musical influences?
I’m not sure, I don’t really try to make a track with a certain style in my head. I’ve found it’s much more fruitful, if I just go with the flow and make whatever I’m feeling as I start to play around with sounds. Maybe that’s where this sound you mention comes from, not looking out too much. I do like some techno and electro though, so I think that comes across in my more housey productions.


Pete Tong tipped you as a future star. What are your most emotional memories connected to Pete Tong?
The support from Pete Tong is unreal, I’ve been listening to him for years! I can still remember the moment when my mate rang me up to tell me that Pete first played one of my tracks, was such a buzz. He has played so many now, but it’s still mint each time.

The whole army of those who fell in love with Forget will be expecting something very similar from you in the near future. Will you try to do as many other producers do and create a track very similar in sound to Forget? Or will you just be doing your own thing without any intention to repeat the success story?
Well, after my debut release, which was on Hot Trax, I thought, how can I top that? I didn’t think I could. Then my first release on Hot Creations did even better and I thought the same. Then Get Beasty came out, reached number 1 on Beatport tech house chart and stayed there for 3 weeks – so I thought that was it, I couldn’t really top that. Then Forget has just been no.1 for 12 weeks, that is crazy to me. I’m not even trying to top it, I’m actually glad that my next track, which is called Too Much, is darker and more banging. I make loads of harder stuff than Forget, so this is a perfect track to follow up with.


What is the most exciting part of being a resident DJ at DC10 and a part of Paradise crew?
DC10 is easily my favourite club on the island and anywhere else actually, so that’s just unreal! Being part of the Paradise crew is just as mint, as the party is really growing and people buzz off it. It’s a dream residency for me to be playing regularly with the Hot Creations crew.

On June 1 you played at VIVa Warriors in Sankeys Ibiza. What were your impressions of that night?
I really enjoyed it! Played just before Lawler, so the atmosphere was mint. I had been to Viva Warriors a couple of times before that, so I knew it was a wicked party.

You are nominated at DJ Awards at Pacha Ibiza in the Newcomer category. How important is it for you to get the award?
That was a complete shock. I hadn’t even considered I would get a nomination, so that was a nice surprise! They are prestigious awards, and the other nominees in the category are wicked, so it’s a real honour to be nominated. I’m really happy.


Until now, what has been your relation with Ibiza? Are you an island’s regular? When did you come here for the first time and what for?
The first time I came to Ibiza was when I was about 11, and obviously I wasn’t clubbing. But the first time I visited the island properly and went to the clubs, was when I knew I wanted to DJ actually! I’ve been coming to Ibiza every year for the last 6 summers, sometimes a couple of times per summer – just for holidays, as a clubber. It wasn’t until last year when I made my debut playing somewhere though, and that was at DC10 for Paradise.

How often do you use Shazam yourself? Which was the last track that you shazamed?
Yeah, Shazam is wicked! I don’t know why it gets such a hard time off some people. I find quite a bit of new music from it, when checking out sets at home. And the last track I shazamed was Canvas (Original Mix) by Timmo.

The 17th edition of the DJ Awards ceremony will take place at Pacha, Ibiza, on Monday 22nd September. 23 awards will be presented: 11 music categories which are voted for by the public and another 12 special industry awards. DJ Awards have presented over 500 Kryptonite awards in the past 16 years. The DJ Awards ceremony will be followed by the Ibiza Rocks House, featuring an eclectic line-up including 2ManyDJs (DJ set), Fritz Kalkbrenner (Live), Soul Clap, Doorly and Graham Sahara. DJ AWARDS is a non-profit organisation.