Tom Novy Mixes Es Vive Sessions Compilation

Posted on August 30, 2015

When it comes to iconic venues, Ibiza is blessed with more than its fair share, from the world famous clubs to the exclusive beach destinations and a few that have played a significant role in the island’s evolution over the years. One such venue is boutique hotel Es Vive in Figueretes. The stunning hotel concept offers its clients a luxurious base for their Ibiza adventure with a stylish pool area the perfect spot fir chilling during the day and its Experience bar a place to get ready for the night ahead and on the odd occasion a place to catch some of the world’s best DJs play. Es Vive has a history of hosting some amazing after parties, where DJs like Pete Tong and Sven Vath and Tom Novy would drop in a play to the packed room.

To celebrate its rich musical heritage, Es Vive launched its ‘Sessions’ compilation last summer, with great success. It returns in 2015 with a second edition, mixed this time by Tom Novy. With a connection that dates back as long as we can remember, Tom Novy and Es Vive have enjoyed a similar Ibiza journey, it’s fitting that the talented German should be on mixing duties for the second Es Vive Sessions CD. He delivers two musical journeys, night and day, in an album packed with musical gems. We caught up with Tom to get an insight into what we can expect…

Es Vive Cover Digital

You’re a long-term friend of Es Vive, what does the hotel mean to you?
Oh this is a long story, I remember when I was a resident at Space and we always used to go to Es Vive to carry on and party in the club there. I had a lot of funny times there and I know Jason from our wild days. So Es Vive was always for me a good spot to hang and release myself.

How did you feel when they asked you to mix the second in the Es Vive Sessions compilation series?
I was totally happy about it. Because after all these years I can give something back to this outstanding Hotel in Ibiza.

Es Vive offers a variety of different experiences to its clientele, how difficult was it to put translate this into a musical journey?
Well Music is a universal language. You don’t need music for every experience. So I did the day and night concept. During the day you listen to more relaxed music. And the night you want a bit more drive. I think the new CD does it quite nicely in all kind of genres.


The two discs offer a completely different vibe, did you enjoy the freedom to exercise your musical muscles on two different mixes? Which tracks stand out for you on each CD?
I love it. I Listen to all genres of music all day. There is so much more to listen to than just electronic music. The fusion is the key I think these days. Elizete Cardoso is the two tracks I used as an Intro and Outro, who is a folksinger who sings in Portuguese and I think she has this vibe in here voice that makes you feel like you live in an movie from the ‘50s. Where everything was much easier than today.

It’s fair to say that Es Vive was one of the original party hotels on the island, what is your impression on the evolution the hotel has gone through and in particular its recent multi-million euro refurbishment?
Well I don`t mind how much it would cost. You can feel how much love and passion is in this place. And that is the most important. In our days you have to search long for places like this. It`s a family business and everything is answered with a smile. What else do you need when you come to a magical place like Ibiza?

As an Ibiza regular over the last decade have you ever lost a day or two at an after party in Es Vive?
Some stories and parties are better untold. But I can say I had massive fun in this house.

What’s your stand out memory of spending time at the hotel?
The last pool party we did there was a white wine and bbq Masaker. But as it was a Sunday and everybody was angry about the too full beaches we had a funny time, relaxed nice and easy. Ups I shouldn’t say this. This is actually a secret hint.

Hotel Es Vive by la skimal

The team behind the concept has grown up with the venue, and offers a personal connection to all of their clients, how important has this been in its success?
It`s everything. You can show off these days with multi million dollar venues, but they don’t have a soul. It’s the people that makes this place alive and unique.

Your Timeless concept is proving hugely popular this summer, is Es Vive Timeless, if so, what makes it so?
Like said before we care about things like soul and passion. Ibiza people are timeless and I hope we are. I want to transport a spirit I experienced when I came the first time to Ibiza on my parties. And it’s not about billboards and DJ egos or fireworks. It`s about friendship and having a great time together, of stories that want to be told when we are old, timeless party nights.

Will there be a party to celebrate the launch at the hotel?
Working on it. Stay tuned.


Lio Timeless by la skimal