Timeless Style With Otumm

Posted on July 17, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

You might have spotted one of Otumm’s classic-cool, sporty time pieces on the arm of your favourite DJ or a trendy yet elegant model shown off to perfection on Instagram by your favourite fashion blogger as the brand continues to make waves around the world with their simple but impactful designs. Still a relatively young brand, this year Otumm enters its fifth year and can be found at some of Ibiza’s most stylish destinations.

Inspired by nautical design with a sporty edge, the watches appeal to those who prefer a modern but clean and timeless aesthetic. Even the more trend-led pieces in rose gold or embellished with diamonds retain a chic quality, making them an accessory to treasure for many years. So it’s no surprise that some of the biggest lifestyle brands – including Ushuaia Ibiza and Ocean Beach Ibiza – as well as the movers and shakers of the White Isle have taken note, becoming not only firm Otumm supporters but also collaborators. We caught up with the man behind brand, founder and owner Marcel Dierkes to find out more about the background and future vision of Otumm watches…


Have you always loved watches?
I have been a watch collector since the first day I started to work on my own account and I have always been interested in the watch industry. I started the distribution and promotion of a watch brand and that went really well, so it gave me the idea to start my own. I have visited all the important watch trade shows worldwide, from Basel to Hong Kong.

What’s the inspiration behind the Otumm brand?
I like to follow my dreams and realise my own ideas about design, marketing and price policy – and for all these reasons I created Otumm.

What makes Otumm different to other watches?
We strive to make the best quality watches, in the best materials, for the best possible price. We have made more than 17 collections in five years, which means that every four to five months we come out with a new collections and new styles – almost the same strategy as with fashion.


Where is Otumm produced?
The brand started out based in Switzerland, but now the logistics are based in Holland.

The Otumm brand fits perfectly with the Ibizan way of life. Where on the island can people buy the watches?
We now promote Otumm at KM5, Coco Beach, Malibu, in Ibiza Airport at Club Ibiza, and we do co-branding with Ocean Beach Ibiza, Ushuaia Ibiza, CBbC and the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

What about Ibiza inspires you?
Our first designs were inspired by the things I saw in Ibiza: the harbours, the surrounding sea and the beaches. It’s the place where all good things comes together, a trending place in the world and the mixture of all nationalities and different kinds of people. I have been coming to Ibiza for 10 years now and I have seen all the many changes.


Which watch styles are the biggest trends for 2017?
Rose gold and steel watches are still the bestsellers, and we do very well with classic models with a sporty edge.

What has been your proudest moment in Otumm history so far?
After a difficult start I am proud to have been working with some of the top hotspots in Ibiza for many years, and they believed in Otumm from the first day. They all supported Otumm from the beginning and thanks to them, Otumm found its way to many countries all over the world. And, of course, co-branding and producing watches for places like Ushuaia and Hard Rock USA says a lot about the trust they have in us. Many famous football players and international artists wear our watches and this is always nice publicity for a young brand like Otumm.

Further Information
w: www.otumm.com