The World Of DYSTOPIA Ends In Curious Style

Posted on September 30, 2018

Words: Nina Saei

A festival-style experience in a league of its own, the party that has been transporting the island to a twisted wonderland saw the curtain drop on Friday on its concluding show. The creative concept – DYSTOPIA – with its unmissable billboards citing ominous messages has had the whole island in chatter over its surrealistic theme. Yet all the while inviting us to partake in the weird, slightly dark and wonderful, the open-air theatre that is Ushuaïa Ibiza has hosted some incredible talent over the weeks. Setting the experimental soundscape for a final trip to an imagined universe, the closing brought together a spectacular troupe of Luciano, Tale of Us, Bedouin, Raul Rodrigues and Miss Melera.

Ibiza has seen a significant rise in alternative events over the years, offering parties with a purpose or to raise awareness and with the open-minded crowd that tends to flock to the island, DYSTOPIA has been a welcome new entry. Arriving into Playa D’en Bossa for the closing show, the roads were surprisingly – after weeks of diminishing traffic – in total roadblock. Queues were long winding outside of Ushuaïa Ibiza and as we entered, the vast crowd marked positive validation of DYSTOPIA’s first-season success. As ever, the glamorous venue had been radically transformed into an interactive, immersive land with market stalls, fun props and holistic activity stations. Everywhere, signs hung with dismaying messages such as “let’s pretend we like each other” and “the end is nigh” while some rather meaningful plaques brought a welcoming tone – like “kindness is so gangster”, our favourite.

Dystopia Essentialibiza 2018 003

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Luciano was up by this point, serving an eclectic set that begun slow and melancholic, aptly setting the apocalyptic mood while building into an afro-house tipped melange. Nonsensical visual storyboards flashed behind the giant red curtain draped stage that had us feeling like we’d entered a mad dream. Meanwhile, upstairs on the balcony, a giant inflatable reproductive organ held bouncing revellers to the melodic rhythms while simultaneously educating party goers on the power of the yoni. Resisting a splurge on all the beautiful trinkets and garments for sale around the grounds, luckily Tale of Us, who had been on earlier in the day, fast stole our attention with a B2B to finish alongside Luciano.

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Both greats of a similar genre, together the combo was an unbelievable force. As giant balloons filled the dancefloor, the pair rioted an enchanted crowd into action with a set that blended Tale of Us’s tech-house flavour with Luciano’s dreamy world-music edge. As we fell deeper into the outlandish world of DYSTOPIA, the question begun to rise if in fact the messaging was a hint at our current reality. Was this all a subliminal peek into our future? Whether just an experimental party or an awareness-raising spectacle, all the eerie signs were certainly getting to us. Leaving feeling provoked and remarkably inspired, our hats go off to DYSTOPIA for going where nowhere else has gone this summer! Here’s to hoping for more of the wonderland in the new season.

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