The Summer Of 8O8

Posted on September 16, 2015

Okay, so none of us want to admit it but the end of summer is drawing ever closer and there’s no escaping the inevitable approach of autumn. On the one hand that’s great because it means we can finally get reacquainted with our long lost and neglected friend, sleep, on the other it’s not ideal because frankly, sleep is overrated, and we’d much rather be out and about enjoying ourselves. But we can’t be downbeat, because 2015 has been another exceptional year on the White Isle, particularly for new whisky brand, 8O8, which having launched only this year is already the DJ’s favourite tipple. You’ll find it behind the booth, in raver’s hands and at all the coolest after parties, because it’s already cemented is itself as the go-to drink for clubbers. Try it in its purest form, or mix it up in a cocktail with champagne (we’re all for decadence) or cranberry juice (healthy-ish). You’ll be blown away by it’s smooth, subtle flavour, and you’ll immediately understand why it’s been such a huge hit on the island this season. Don’t leave the island without trying it.