The Streets Come Alive With Ibiza Light Festival

Posted on October 12, 2018

Words: Nina Saei

Bringing some brightness to the autumn days that have overcome the island, the Ibiza Light Festival will be illuminating the streets in a two-day outdoor exhibition in Ibiza Town. On October 12th and 13th, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dalt Vila and its surrounding areas will become awash with a series of art installations centred around the use of light and its evolutionary history. From performances, projections and video shows, artists from all corners of the globe will arrive to create dazzling luminous pieces. Supported by the island council and its cultural agenda, the event sees record numbers attend – inviting us again this year to explore and be amazed by the creative capacity of light!

And, it is certainly not one to be missed. Impressively grand installations take over the cobbled streets with large LED structures and futuristic looking creations that can be walked around and interacted with. Projections laminate buildings, while every nook and cranny of Ibiza Town holds a new surprise. The non-profit cultural event promoted by the Association of Artists and Audiovisual Businesses of Ibiza will be representing visual creators from France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and Argentina – all set to transform their corner of urban space.

IbizaLightFestival 2018 004

IbizaLightFestival 2018 002

This year is to be a very special edition with numbers of installations doubling to create a more magnificent spectacle that spills out from Dalt Vila to the port and the marina quarter. The event is free to attend and each day commences at 19:00 and goes on until midnight. Now cited as one of the main cultural attractions of the island and an international creative-technological exchange, the Ibiza Light Festival is a sensational way to bring in the end of the season with a long weekend filled with thought-provoking art. A night strolling through the town, revelling in the many surrounding bars and restaurants with fantastical light shows on display – we couldn’t think of a better October evening activity to get over the summer blues!

IbizaLightFestival 2018 003

IbizaLightFestival 2018 001