The Not So Secret Garden

Posted on June 17, 2016

Images: Tamara Sini

With the use of the surrounding garden and terraces, the already beautiful Can Domingo takes on an even more gorgeous dimension during the summer season. Suspended between the countryside and the sea, seemingly between heaven and earth, the beautiful exterior space brings to life the other side of Ibiza, the natural, peaceful, and relaxing side, but with a twist.

Wherever one looks something is growing, blossoming, or bearing fruit at Can Domingo. Its eminent trees extend above the roof of the ancient finca, embracing the surrounding space, blending the interior with exterior creating a unique effect. The team, Alessandro, Andrea, and Beppe, opened the delightful space five years ago, capturing that amazing view and sharing it with everyone that joins them, more recently they have designed a further two terraces to open the vista up to even more people. One of the terraces appears under the centenary old wild olive tree and seems almost a private dining room in itself besides being incredibly suggestive, while the other, the latest addition, offers an extension of the finca’s sea view. In the middle, the main terrace boasts a unique bar, also made by the team from the stones of an ancient structure around the finca. Adding to the hybrid inside/outside feel, parasols and thoughtful lighting further extend the trees’ shelter, with abat-jours, an interior kind of lighting, around the terraces and the smaller lights hanging from the branches of the trees generating distinct areas that are just waiting to be discovered.

Can Domingo Ibiza

One of the best things about the lovely grounds is that they can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Besides the restaurant, one can go for an aperitif, organise a special dinner/ event or have drinks around the bar and walk around the gardens. Can Domingo has relaunched its popular live music concept with Jazz on Saturdays that will extend to Tuesday and Thursday during July and August, adding reimagined Italian classics and funky nights. During our visit the soothing Jazz renditions filled the clear air, creating a romantic atmosphere. While we took in the breathtaking views of the setting sun changing the colours of the blooming surroundings, we sat on the main terrace around the bar. Sat in the heart of the garden, we sipped on the tastiest strawberry basil margarita, as well as a delicious melon, pineapple, ginger & midori cocktail, and a Mojito with fresh mint picked right there, just a few examples of the distinctive drinks all based on herbs from Can Domingo or handpicked producers on the island. Limited to 40 half retouched classic cocktails with hints of herbs such as lavender, basil and lemon, the cocktails are seasonal and made from organic ingredients, with homemade herb-infused exclusively premium liquors mixed and natural juices.

Anyone who visits Can Domingo cannot but crave to go back while keeping it in mind as a perfect place to celebrate the next special event (the venue is available for private hire). Its charming, unique, and extremely conscious ways intensify with the full use of the garden in the summer. We dropped in for the launch if its live music concept and caught up with Andrea…

Can Domingo Ibiza

What is your favourite part of the garden?
All of it, but having to choose I would say the newly realised terrace to start the evening and the one under the olive tree for the rest of the night. The new terrace because of its stunning sea view, al fresco space, and surrounding areas, which one can fully enjoy until 9:30 pm, while the olive tree terrace is more romantic, where there are dimmed lights, music, and views of the terraced gardens of the restaurant but from a more secluded corner for clients looking for a more romantic evening or a more private family-dinner. The garden in the middle is used when we have the live music events, with the terraces all around it. Not normally used for dining, the central garden is preferred for drinks and aperitifs, as we are open from 7pm and also serve cold dishes that blend perfectly with the drinks. And of course, chef Beppe is always ready to satisfy any request.

What is special about the garden?
It’s a garden that during the summer our clients seek out for the peace and tranquility that we offer compared to the rest of the island’s restaurants. One of the restaurant’s highlights is that people come here to relax, to spend a long leisurely dinner, and make a night of it. After eating, they go for a walk in the garden, taking pictures under the fig tree and such. It’s a restaurant that people enjoy in all of its areas. They don’t spend all their time at the table but rather go to the bar, see the other terraces, or walk around the grounds. Next week we are opening a boutique selling local artwork, which also decorates the restaurant, so while Can Domingo remains a restaurant, the garden makes it more interesting for the clients, who want to spend time surrounded by nature, part of Ibiza’s beauty, without the loudness of the nightclubs, the chaos of Ibiza’s roads, and the traffic, but with the peace and tranquility of a garden that is growing every year, as we add more plants constantly.

Can Domingo Ibiza

The garden space keeps growing and developing, what have been the biggest changes?
When we opened, one of the terraces didn’t exist and the other was completely different and very neglected. There were cement platforms in the middle of the garden. We have done almost everything you see. We created the opening onto the garden as formerly it was closed and there was pretty much nothing here. The terrace didn’t exist. The olive tree wasn’t utilised as an area to eat. The bar, made out of an ancient rabbit enclosure, was smaller and used as a table by our predecessors, while we chose to make it a bar since it is the place with a view of the entire restaurant, as well as the entrance, and obviously of the sea and valley. Such a beautiful part of the place had to be offered to our clients and we continue to expand it. We also created two tables under the fig tree that then turned into one fig-tree-table. The most recent change is the newly finished terrace. We didn’t like it round, because the shape of the finca is rectangular, so this year we changed it and by end of season we plan to cover it to add to the space while maintaining the view both from outside and inside the restaurant. We are currently identifying the best way to make it cozier but with something light to preserve the vista and of course suffused lights. We also add to the lighting every year. The other day we received the lights under the olive tree that add charm to the restaurant. Alessandro spends entire days moving things—furniture, lights, pictures—around, for gorgeous plays of light one sees as soon as the sun nears setting.

Can Domingo Ibiza

Al fresco dining is a gorgeous part of Can Domingo, what events take place exclusively in the summer?
Starting from June 11 we have live music every Saturday until the end of September, which will grow to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in July and August. With a trio exclusive to Can Domingo that will perform the different programs: Jazz on Tuesday, Italian revisited classics on Thursdays, and funky on Saturdays,

What is unique about Can Domingo’s outside options?
Clients are very attached to the space under the olive tree. We always try to follow their requests. The view until 9:30 gives great peace and offers great openness. Very few restaurants on the island have such as wide view as this one with both the countryside and the sea. The garden continues to enchant clients even after 9:30. When the sun goes down, we acquire a different charm because the lights are mainly abatjours, an interior kind of lighting, with suffused glows. We don’t use any LED, no white light, kept dimmed always and candles. Bucolic in the day and romantic at night.

Can Domingo Ibiza

It seems Can Domingo is a continued labour of love for all of you, having finished the latest terrace have you thought of what’s next?
Aside from the terrace this year, we want to continue to add to the garden, as we are doing. Not all plants follow one’s will but go at their own pace, so every year we try to integrate the most we can, to beautify, and recoup/recuperate the fertility of the garden which had been left abandoned for many years. So, every year we add ‘trucciolato’ made only of organic untreated wood so that one day everything will grow again—this is the project.

What is the capacity of the venue?
Complete exclusivity can house up to 120 people all seated with a gala dinner or more if you add an aperitif or cocktail event with a standing dinner.

Such a beautiful space, can it be rented for private use?
Yes, we work in various ways. Clients can rent the entire venue or parts of the restaurant, and we offer a few options. They can rent either terrace, the olive tree terrace, which also includes our bar, for those seeking more of a party scene, or the sea view terrace if they are looking for a space more to themselves in another area of the restaurant, served by staff exclusively for them. We organise parties on these terraces starting from 15 and up to 40 people for those who don’t need the exclusivity and want to remain within a functioning restaurant with other guests. If one needs to have a private event—from a birthday party to a wedding meal—we also lend our help with any or all aspects of its organisation, including obviously food and beverage, but also music, decorations, and all other aspects of the event.

Information & Reservations:
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Can Domingo Ibiza
Can Domingo Ibiza
Can Domingo Ibiza
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