The Evolution Of Babylon Beach

Posted on July 16, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: Tamara Sini

In the six year’s since its inception, the laid-back chiringuito style restaurant, bar, and all-out blissful haven that is Babylon Beach Ibiza has become a real White Isle insider gem beloved by locals and holidaymakers alike. Situated in a tranquil bay on the outskirts of Santa Eulalia, the quirky beach club isn’t exposed to the same footfall other seaside destinations on the island get, but has established a reputation for its outstanding culinary offering, cool ambience and beautiful surroundings.

With a team behind it that is not only made up from talented innovators in their respective fields, but fuelled by a passion and dedication to deliver the best possible hospitality and culinary experience to its guests while respecting and nurturing the island that is its home, Babylon Beach serves up the simplicity of the good things in life, executed to perfection. We caught up with the venue’s manager – and founding member – Jack to find out what’s new for this season…

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Tell us about your role at Babylon?
I’ve been here from the beginning together with Angie, Justin and Vaughan. I’m the manager and head of front of house, so I’m involved with everything from customer service to sunbeds.

Babylon is a real insider favourite. How do you feel about how the venue has evolved?
We’ve been open for six years now, but we only opened halfway through the summer during our first season. It’s been quite a journey! I looked at old pictures the other day and I was there serving tables in a vest, surrounded by the most random furniture. Then we opened up the back as a dining space with a separate menu, but this year we have gone back to having the same food offering across both spaces. We’ve also decided to go back to the more traditional chiringuito opening hours, so between 17.00 and 19.00 we offer a reduced menu, and we close at 20.00.

Babylon Beach is known for its excellent cocktail offering. What’s new for this year?
We’re actually opening up a new concept in the back bar called The Secret Door, which is a daytime speak-easy. It’s got old school cocktails, loads of infusions from the island and we have a great new bar man called Jorge who is making everything himself from the tonics to the ice cubes. You will be able to order the same cocktails in the restaurant, but the speak-easy has got an extended menu with options you can get only there. And we will offer sharing cocktails that people can take to the beach.



Using fresh, local produce is very important to you across both menus. Where do you source your ingredients?
We try to make everything we possibly can ourselves. For example in our cocktails, everything is homemade, from the garnish to the infusion of rum. We get as many ingredients as we can from my family’s local farm.

And you go through great length to make the best dishes possible…
Yes, for example our chicken goes through many different processes before it gets to the table. It gets brined for 24 hours, then it gets boiled and then finished at the last moment to keep it nice and moist. On this year’s menu, we’ve kept the staples and improved them – our classic burger is now a double burger and the Caribbean chicken is now deep-fried Caribbean style – as well as adding some exciting new dishes. And we’re really focussing on fresh fish this year in our daily specials.



Babylon Beach is very family friendly. What do you offer for little guests?
Yes. We have a huge children’s area and [entertainment team] Kids In Ibiza are here five days a week, from Wednesday to Sundays.

Is the restaurant available for private hire?
Yes, we have come up with a new idea that is opening the restaurant at night for private bookings of groups of around 20 or 30 people with a special tasting menu from the head chef, with would be another great way of experiencing what we have to offer. The idea is that people enter via the ‘deserted’ beach and then enter the indoor dining space via The Secret Door cocktail bar before sitting down for dinner. And of course, we do the big events like weddings.

Information & Reservations
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