Techno Is Our Religion

Posted on July 7, 2015

Images: Tamara Sini

Going to church on Sunday has never been quite the favourite tradition of Ibiza clubbers…until now. The big midnight mass, called Repent, will be taking place every Sunday night at Eden from July 5 till September 14, bringing a new creative concept to the vibrant nightlife scene of San Antonio. You are welcomed to relinquish your weekly sins in one of the most beautiful and splendidly equipped venues of the whole island, to the sound of that very music genre that is the most fashionable currently, yet is never compromising with its quality – we are speaking of techno. It’s true to say that Eden this summer is definitely putting itself back on the clubbing map of Ibiza, and Repent is a great milestone of this bound-to-succeed process.

Eden Repent by TS 14
Eden Repent by TS 06

We came to the opening filled with excitement and anticipation. We’ve been to this club so many times, witnessing so many stages of its evolution: the good old Eden of Judge Jules and Pete Tong, the new, superbly refurbished Eden of 2013, the dramatic plot twist of Gatecrasher Ibiza and now, the glorious Eden again. What shall it look, feel and sound like, with a new party and on the threshold of a new era of its eventful biography? The adventure began right outside of the club. There were religion-themed video projections on the screens, and an austere cross was hanging between two doors on the entrance. Inside to the right, in the VIP part, a welcoming performance took place with numerous tiny candles scattered all over the floor. But what produced the biggest impression was death itself, dancing on the podium in a black cloak and with a shiny scythe, looking out for the possible sinners to chastise. The sinners, though, prudently kept closer to the DJ booth, praying to the gods of techno as intensely as if their life depended on it.

Eden Repent by TS 09
Eden Repent by TS 11

When the party goes under the motto ‘Techno is our religion’ and Marco Bailey is booked as the main headliner for the prime time slot of 1.30-3.00am, you probably know what to expect. Pumping, powerful, in-your-face techno was a very moving soundtrack to a religious gathering indeed, bringing out so many passions and emotions. The other names on the line-up for the night were Miguel Garji, Highestpoint & Nightowl, Sam Paganini and Markus Suckut – there will be plenty of chance to listen to this crew later in the season. The other highlights of the programming will include Carlo Lio, Pig & Dan, Secret Cinema, Harvey McKay and Sasha Carassi. Things will be kept pretty underground, avoiding an overflow of big name artists and maintaining a diverse and exciting soundtrack.

Eden Repent by TS 12
Eden Repent by TS 15

The spirit, aesthetics and show of the night were spot-on for Eden, as if the club had been tailor-made for this event. Dark, infernal and so stylishly solemn with its new glossy interior, the venue was truly thrusting itself upon a weekly party that would combine a gothic feel with a healthy sense of humour and absolutely cutting-edge music. Before coming here, try to think it over please what you might possibly repent of. Going out too much, staying up too late, dancing too many nights away, spending all your savings in the bar? Don’t worry, these are not the things to be anxious about. These are the elements that make up the joy of life and make that life meaningful. The most crucial thing in this case, your biggest sin and your most regrettable loss will be to miss this party, which you will definitely repent a lot of upon coming back home from Ibiza.

Eden Repent by TS 04
Eden Repent by TS 03
Eden Repent Opening 21