Supernova Talks Ministry Of Sound Ibiza

Posted on August 24, 2013

Italian duo Supernova was formed by childhood friends Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi back in 2003. Soon after meeting each other for the first time the guys realised they had a great potential for working together and in a relatively short space of time became internationally renowned for their heartfelt, eclectic and delightfully unpredictable productions as well as their incomparable live sets. Their inspiration comes from what they used to listen in their youth – Chicago house, acid house and jazz, funk and hip-hop, let alone the fact that both Emiliano and Giacomo studied classical music.

Supernova’s debut album, Downtown Underground, was released on Sony BMG in 2007, and in 2009 the guys felt the need to launch their own label Lapsus Music to put out their own tunes as well as the works of such like-minded artists as DJ Sneak, Kerri Chandler, Tiger Stripes and many others. Touring around the world, the guys spread great positive vibes wherever they land. This summer Supernova had two gigs in Ibiza, with the most recent one taking place on August 15 in the refurbished club of Eden at Ministry Of Sound party. The Ministry Of Sound return to Ibiza this summer has been a huge success and the collaboration with the new look Eden club has brought numerous talented performers to San Antonio, that you might have had to travel to check out. After smashing the MOS Ibiza floor, we had a chance to catch up with Supernova and talk music, tech gear and talent…


In 2013 Supernova celebrates its tenth anniversary, how are you celebrating it?
We are in the process of compiling Supernova 10 Years Best Of, to be released on our label Lapsus Music. Along with it we are launching some parties in Florence and Milan, our native cities. Also we will start to work on our third album to be released in 2014.

You have launched a new weekly daytime party at Phi Beach in Sardinia. Could you please tell us about it? And why don’t you do a beach party in Ibiza?
Yes, we have started this new adventure in this amazing beach club in Sardinia. It’s probably the best location in all the North of the island and we are happy with it. It’s a really ambitious project as people there are not used to do these kind of parties during the day, but we feel we are building something cool for the island. Why not Ibiza? Well, this will be the next big step for sure…


What do you think of Ibiza 2013?
We heard it has been a tough season for the island with too many new parties, some of which are not running so good… Maybe too many parties in a bad economic period with less people on the island?

Italian tourists in Ibiza are famous for supporting Italian DJs. What about you, is the crowd at your gigs in Ibiza predominantly Italian?
We have many friends from all around Europe that are ready to support us.

How often do you play live sets now and on what occasions? What gear do you normally use?
We always play a hybrid live/ DJ set with two laptops, Ableton live, and two midi controller2 (1 Akai mpd32 and 1 Korg Machine Mikro). This is the best way for us to play – four hands, testing our new productions, while at same time we can keep an eye on the dancefloor.


What’s your relationship with Ministry of Sound?
We already played 3 times last year at MOS in the Box and every time was great. We feel quite at home now with the room, soundsystem and people, and we are happy to be part of their night in Ibiza as well.

How was the Ibiza party?
It was amazing, the new venue has a fantastic sound system and the party was a great success. Ibiza always brings a very special atmosphere.

What release on your Lapsus label are you most proud of this year?
We have recently released the last Talents EP vol. 6 including more the 30 new artists with some amazing music. Before we released our Acidays EP, our collaboration with Dosem that is called The Nasty Way, and we are about to release an EP by Tapesh & Dayne S, Audiowhores and our brand new remix of Come Together by DJ Pierre.